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1998 - First children's farm

As soon as they arrive in Going, your little ones will happy as can be, and any dreams of Disney World forgotten! The Stanglwirt has created a separate yet very real world for their youngest guests.

So much more exciting than any video game: the farm creatures at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser mountain on the Bio Farm.

Here, you can pet rabbits and goats, search for eggs and gather them, look after pony Susi and brush her silky mane. The foals from the stud will be curious and stop by and gratefully and tenderly, carefully at first, accept the gift of an apple. Or you can bombard the tireless kindergarten teachers with questions. The children’s carpentry is also an attraction; the tools are robust and the instructions expertly. And there is certainly plenty of wood.

Children's farm at Stanglwirt ...
Children's farm at Stanglwirt ...
More exciting than any petting zoo ...
More exciting than any petting zoo ...
Look after pony Susi ...
Look after pony Susi ...

"Dear Children, come on a voyage of discovery and see everything that our unique children's farm has to offer!"

In the children’s kitchen, even the boys can get active. And you can turn products that you harvested yourself into tasty dishes. And the princely four-poster beds are there for dreaming. German entertainer Thomas Gottschalk also thought that, who enthusiastically “tried out” the children’s paradise for hours just after its opening.

The Stanglwirt also has plenty of the second element that children love so much: water! Water for paddling and splashing about, for swimming and jumping. Two outdoor pools in the summer – and then there is the rockspa pool. But that’s a world in its own right!

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Videogames? TV? At Stanglwirt children show us what they are really interested in: an expedition to the specially designed farm for children ...

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