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5-star apprenticeships

Everyone recognises how important it is to have well-trained and motivated staff in a business. They are crucial to the success and to the value of a business. Providing comprehensive training for young people, recognising and promoting their strengths is a fundamental building block of their future, and also in the future of a business. The Stanglwirt has always been aware of this value, and of the importance of having qualified staff, and recognises that in training its apprentices it is very clearly enhancing the ‘Stanglwirt’ brand quality. A connection with the natural surroundings and having a high regard for tradition is the philosophy in our Biohotel, and this not held in high regard by our guests, not just our staff. Being part of a team is very much emphasised, as to is imparting and passing on experience and expertise, as per the philosophy of the hotel.

On 14th September 2010, 15 new trainees were welcomed to Biohotel Stanglwirt and were introduced to the values and fundamental ideas in this family-run business. Having 27 trainees in total, in very different professional areas, is a historic peak level. The trainees will receive two years of training in the Stanglwirt as part of a special trainee programme. Our long-standing staff and skilled workers from the basis of apprentice training, which provides key credentials, such as the ability to work as part of a team, social interaction and creativity, along with the building blocks which make up each profession. An annual plan is the core of each trainee programme and this enables trainees to learn about various departments in the Stanglwirt. This means for instance that every trainee chef or waiter will have the opportunity to get a glimpse of the remit and the day-to-day work of a Hotel and Hospitality Assistant. This ‘exchange’ provides a good insight into work in the different sectors and of the growth potential in the Stanglwirt, and also promotes valued and efficient team-work.

Tangible practice drills enable trainees to utilise the knowledge they have gained, to gather experience and prepare themselves in a clear-cut manner for the practical element of their apprenticeship examinations. For example, they are given the task of planning and implementing a dinner or a wedding. Accompanied by an experienced member from the Stanglwirt team, invitations are organised, menu plans devised, guests welcomed and the event brought to a close.

Once a month there is a meeting for trainees in the hotel, where they get to exchange ideas and suggestions on how to improve. In addition to this opportunity for exchange, each trainee has their own contact partner in the hotel, with whom they have problems clarified, and discuss any problems. Just as guests should feel good and ‘at home’ in the Stanglwirt, so too should the staff and trainees in the Biohotel team. This naturalness in working with one another is a guarantee for the continued existence of the quality ‘Stanglwirt’ brand and the philosophy of the hotel, as it was experienced by the Hauser family over 400 years ago, and continues to be.

We extend a warm welcome to our trainees and very much look forward to working together!

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