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Body treatments, exfoliants & more

Maria Galland Paris

Self-awareness, joie de vivre and personality – Maria Galland Paris has embodied these attributes for over 50 years. Our skin is like a "mosaic composed of many different needs". Even the Grande Dame, Maria Galland, was of the opinion at the start of the sixties that a person’s radiance was a "bespoke beauty" to be nurtured. On a totally individual basis.

Ligne St. Barth – The Spirit of Nature

For the past thirty years, LIGNE ST BARTH has been committed to combining effectiveness with unbeatable quality in its innovative creations. The brand epitomises the clear atmosphere of the island, the spirit of St Barth, and finds its inspiration in mother nature.

Droste Laux

Detoxification and de-acidification package
Alkaline premium treatment

The skin is the biggest organ of our body and is responsible for many physiological regulatory processes. If the skin can only carry out its function as an excretory organ to a limited extent, this has an impact on the body as a whole. A splendid recipe of alkaline products with precious natural minerals promotes the removal of acids via the skin.

  • Alkaline bath
  • Exfoliation with alkaline precious stone powder
  • Lymph drainage 60 mins.
Package price € 220.00

Ägyptos vitality wrap

In the deep-acting wrapping method, tightly wound bandages soaked in selected Ägyptos active ingredients are precisely applied to the body and the problem areas. The special wrap technique stimulates lymph flow, removes toxins, firms tissue and also has a smoothing effect. Perfect for cellulite and fatty deposits. An ideal body treatment to improve the body silhouette.

120 mins. € 220.00
Cleansing face treatments
Cleansing face treatments
Thalasso body treatment
Thalasso body treatment
Relaxing massage
Relaxing massage


DROSTE LAUX exfoliant with alkaline precious stone powder

The splendid recipe of this exfoliant with precious minerals promotes the removal of acids in the tissue via the skin. The outcome is a beautiful, silky-soft and healthy complexion.

40 mins. € 70.00

POWER OF THE ALPS honey exfoliant

A gentle body exfoliant with honey massage milk, including the natural antibiotic propolis and nutrient-rich real honey. The ideal exfoliant for rough and flaky skin. Mineral-rich, high-quality rock salt crystals additionally cleanse, smooth, strengthen and protect your skin.

40 mins. € 65.00

We recommend that you do not shave before an exfoliation. Avoid exfoliation treatments if you have sunburn

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Spray tanning

Natural and healthy
Full body spray tanning including spray exfoliant is applied by our experts. The natural, certified and organic ingredients develop an even, natural, intense and lasting tan on your skin. A natural outcome, as if kissed by the sun.

€ 50.00


Solarium tokens are available from the Spa reception.
10 mins. € 13.00

Please note that in Austria, only those over 18 years of age are allowed to use a solarium.

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