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Stanglwirt´s Kaiser massages

The massage starts with an expert consultation during which the therapist puts together a treatment which suits your needs. Our therapists are particularly adept at meeting your requirements. This treatment has a broad spectrum of effects - energising, intense and activating or gent¬le, harmonising and relaxing. You feel generally great and pampered.

Choose your massage oil of choice from three high quality oils.

Partial body massage 30 mins. € 60.00
Full body massage 60 mins. € 120.00


We are happy to pamper you with top-quality products from theLIGNE ST. BARTH range – feel the luxury. € 15.00
Kaisermassage - pure relaxation
Kaisermassage - pure relaxation
Relaxing massage
Relaxing massage
For your well-being ...
For your well-being ...

Classic Massages

Massage is, in the broadest sense, one of mankind’s oldest methods of healing. Massage has an effect on body, spirit and soul. Through touch your skin, muscles and connective tissues relax. We are happy to see your specific problem areas.

Classic partial massage (back/neck or legs) 25 mins. € 50.00
Classic full body massage 50 mins. € 90.00


We are happy to pamper you with top-quality products from theLIGNE ST. BARTH range – feel the luxury. € 15.00

Sports massage

This invigorating treatment regenerates strained muscles and tissues and breaks down areas of tension, cramps which have occurred during sport can be dissipated using specific stretching movements. Your body’s energy and ability to perform is stimulated, freeing up new vitality.

50 mins. € 100.00

Foot reflexology massages

Your internal organs are accessed via pressure points on your feet – in a reflectoric manner, via nerve channels.

Foot reflexology massage with warm, deeply relaxing neck shawlYour entire body is treated and harmonised with an invigorating, activating footbathand using a special foot reflexology massage technique. Your feet are a reflection ofthe strengths and weaknesses in the rest of your body. 50 mins. € 70.00
Stanglwirt’s partial body & foot reflexology massage 60 mins. € 120.00
Stanglwirt’s full body & foot reflexology massage 90 mins. € 150.00

Lymph drainage

The lymph system is the lifeline of the human body. A gentle massage technique stimulates lymph circulation and is detoxifying. At the same time this massage eliminates excess water and is relaxing. For an ideal result we use the combination of menthol oil and ivy gel from the ST. BARTH range.

Lymph drainage partial body (face, legs, arms) 35 mins. € 70.00
Lymph drainage (incl. relaxation time afterwards) 60 mins. € 100.00

Stanglwirt´s energy impulses

Kinesiology, the science of movement, is a method of recognising blockades and stress reactions, promoting potential and lastingly improving well-being, health, performance and quality of life.
Nobody knows better than your own body what support it needs to heal. The “statement instrument” in this instance are the muscles. It is not the strength of a muscle which is tested, rather it is its REACTION to a stimulation.
With the help of an individual muscle test, possible problems are checked individually, whether and to what intensity, it is presenting your body with a blockade. Individual meridians and energy systems which are suitable for the problem are tested and corrected.
Kinesiology is suitable for every age-group and may also be used along with other therapies.

30 mins. € 60.00
60 mins. € 120.00
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