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Soul feeling at the Stanglwirt...

take time for body, spirit and soul.

Mag. rer. nat. Inge Neuner

  • Studied Psychology in Innsbruck
  • Sports psychologist
  • Mind trainer
  • Health psychologist
  • Clinical psychologist
  • Energetic Psychology®/Kinesiology
  • Hypnotherapy
  • CranioSacrale balance (body therapy)
  • HRV-Med/Fire of Life ® analysis - Diagnostics
Practice in Kitzbühel and with us at the Stanglwirt
Mobile: +43 664 4122989

‘Let your soul roam’ in the Stanglwirt …

The beginning of holistic health is in having a happy relationship with yourself in particular. Often it is actually easier for us, away from home, away from the day-today humdrum, to come up with solutions and to regain our emotional equilibrium. Based on your individual personal history I, as a specialist, am happy to provide you with support which is resource and solution oriented, in the following areas:

  • Lifestyle analysis/change
  • Private/professional (re)orientation
  • Stress management
  • Burnout prevention and intervention
  • Fear/panic/phobias
  • Dream therapy
  • Overcoming debilitating life events, crises
  • Psychosomatic - “When your soul speaks through your body”
  • Partnership/marriage/family (couples counselling too)
  • Advice on sleeping
  • Recognition of and solving obstructive thoughts, patterns, mind-sets and belief systems
  • EDxTM (tapping therapy) for self-help during emotional stress
  • Relaxation techniques such as autogenics training, progressive muscle relaxation, relaxation hypnosis
  • Sports psychology advice and mind training (e.g. Golf Mental)
  • Health psychology advice - prevention
  • Lectures on selected themes

An old Tyrolean concept is re-defined: ‘Soul feeling’ at the Stanglwirt

It is often fundamentally easier for us to find solutions to daily matters when we are away from home, and achieve mental balance once again. Take advantage of the opportunity in this relaxed atmosphere to take a look at your life from outside - from a ‘bird’s eye perspective’. I will be happy to accompany you. Each person bears their own, individual rucksack. For some it is bigger while for others it is somewhat smaller. If we reappraise stressful situations it becomes that little bit easier … Those who prefer natural surroundings as opposed to a medical room have the opportunity, under the motto ‘walk and let your soul roam’ - to book a consultation discussion in open, natural surroundings. ‘When we exercise our body we exercise our mind too …’

HRV -Med / Fire of Life ® analysis

Get an overview of your health with the HRV Fire of Life® short analysis (approx. 20 mins.). It provides information
about your heart rate and also your stress, regenerations, performance and health index.

If necessary there is the option of having a 24-hour measurement of your heart-rate variability
FIRE OF LIFE® - The picture your HEART paints of you in 24 hours …
giving you the answer to questions about health and lifestyle. It reveals your current vitality · physical and emotional ability to withstand stress · your performance potential · susceptibility to stress · risk of burn-out · your ability to relax and regenerate, as well as your sleep quality and is the ideal way to start a consultation together. The analysis provides an optimum basis to sort out your life again, develop a feel for yourself and your body’s own rhythms, consolidate your health and find your own medium – physically and mentally being in balance.

Specialist psychological practice in the Fitnessgarden
A consultation is based on trust. We are happy to offer you a free 15-minute informative discussion so you can find out about our service. Together we can then enjoy meaningful cooperation. In my practice I offer you a relaxed and rotective ambience.

I look forward to hearing from you either on my mobile: +43-664-41 22 989
or by e-mail:

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