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Give up Stanglwirt?

Stanglwirt Balthasar Hauser and Tirol LH Wallnöfer
Stanglwirt Balthasar Hauser and Tirol LH Wallnöfer
Finally the financial turbulences died down and Stanglwirt started realizing new projects. The first project was renovating the popular tap on the first floor, which became today’s “Stanglalm”. In 1970 he invested in tennis courts. Across the street, in the shadow of the forest, cooled by the nearby brook, he built three courts. It was a big investment that went “down the drain” six years later.

A devastating flood carried the three courts away. Hauser was desperate and thought about giving up for the first time, but he bounced back. He built new tennis courts: they were more beautiful, better and they were built in a flood proof area. He even added indoor courts. He grasped the opportunity: Kneissl was looking for indoor tennis courts with international standards.

Hauser built two indoor courts on the slope, so that the sheep could still graze on the roof of the hall - for which he was internationally recognized and he became cooperation partner of this huge company from Kufstein. This started a veritable boom. The hotel was always too small and they could not keep up with the expansions. When Kneissl was facing financial difficulties and cancelled the cooperation, Balthasar Hauser stuck to his concept.

This was definitely the right decision: after the end of the tennis boom many courts and halls were closed, but Stanglwirt become the first address for friends of the “white sport” due to its amenities and international top-trainers.

Even though the host of Stanglwirt is known to be determined and assertive - a fact that presented a challenge for quite a few architects - he was always open to good ideas.

Even when a head water arranged 12-course gala dinners for the guests in the 70’s. Hauser let him have his gala dinners. “I could never have agreed to this if I based the decision on my calculator”, he says today, “but our guests had their fun.” This resulted in many gourmets coming to Stanglwirt - and they filled up the hotel in the tennis off-season.

Balthasar Hauser’s biggest coup was of course the construction of the biohotel. Long before “eco” became trendy, or the climate change started scaring politicians or low-energy buildings became fashionable, Balthasar Hauser was riding his bike. He thought a long time about what to build on the best spot of this property.

There, where the dunghill resided and the neighbouring sawmill was inaudible: “All of a sudden I hit a bump and it shook me pretty hard - suddenly I had an idea: we will build a biohotel.” It was a massive undertaking, since it was going to be the first of its kind in Europe. It was still the time when constructions were made with concrete, window frames consisted of aluminum and plastics and asbestos were used for fire protection.

Stanglwirt - In harmony with nature
Stanglwirt - In harmony with nature

And yet Hauser chose lime mortar, wood and clay bricks instead. The construction became a war of nerves. There were many delays, the hired consultants were overstrained by the enormity of the project and many know-it-alls had an opinion about the house. “In the end the whole thing almost came apart”, remembers the host of Stanglwirt.

He had to redevelop the expensive shell construction. In his deepest desperation he met Karl Hermann Schwabe, a German architect, who became popular for his redevelopments of old structures and biological construction methods in Aussee. Schwabe helped Hauser to finish his biohotel and Hauser once again proved his good instincts.

He built the guestrooms 25% bigger than necessary - he did not do this because he wanted to show off, he wanted his guests to feel comfortable. This is one of the reasons why guests who come to Stanglwirt by accident usually become regular guests.

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