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How time flies!

It is already 10 years ago that Sabrina Wimmer 2000 started working here with us in the Stanglwirt. 10 years, that’s 120 months, 521.79 weeks, 3652.5 days and 87,660 hours that Sabrina Wimmer has been here for our guests.

The lady from Tirol started on 4th September 2000 as a trainee in the hotel’s kitchen. In a short time Sabrina Wimmer became a pillar that the Stanglwirt team could now no longer imagine themselves without. Her commitment and application meant that she was quickly able to take on new duties and extend her wealth of experience to the service sector and in the hotel’s Reception. Today, or to more exact since March/April 2007, she has been the Reception Manageress, and thanks to such a long spell of work with us, she can imagine no nicer place to work than here with us ‘at home’ in the Stanglwirt. This is something which is especially rare in the hotel and hospitality sector, and speaks volumes for the great working environment in the Stanglwirt. ‘What is special here is the superb co-operation we enjoy with one another and that there are so many co-workers who, just like me, are happy to have been working here for many years“ enthuses Sabrina Wimmer. She is there to support our guests, as well as our employees and trainees, in a competent and ever-friendly manner, whether it be to provide tips for holiday-makers or whether for advice or assistance. Direct contact with people is something which has always been important to Sabrina Wimmer and is also the reason for her choosing this career. ‘In this job you develop a flair for working with people’, says Sabrina Wimmer, and she knows how to recognise precisely what it is that ‘her’ guests need without them having to say it, and she sees to their needs. Sabrina Wimmer has always been very appreciative of the trust and the opportunities she has been offered for her to further here career here in the Stanglwirt. ‘When you get an opportunity, you have to take it’ - that's something which Sabrina Wimmer is convinced of, when at the age of 22 she took her chance to be the Reception Manageress in the Stanglwirt and mastered the challenge excellently. Guests and staff alike could no longer do without Sabrina Wimmer and she too hopes she will continue to have many more great years in the Stanglwirt.

We, the Hauser family and the entire Stanglwirt team, would like to sincerely thank her for her committed work and look forward to more years together in the Stanglwirt.
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