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Maria Magdalena Hauser

Ms. Maria Hauser  - Marketing & PR manageress
Ms. Maria Hauser - Marketing & PR manageress
Marketing & PR manageress
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"For me complaints are a great opportunity to show guests that we take their criticism seriously and can react straight away ..."
From a very early age Balthasar Hauser’s children were included in important decisions. Maria Hauser, who is today in charge of Marketing, PR, Quality Assurance and major events in the Stanglwirt, was present at planning discussions with architects when she was just a little girl. The men were surprised when, while Mr Hauser was having construction work done, he always included his little girl in discussions and asked her opinion. “I was able to be there at the building of the children’s farm. My father was of the opinion that if we Stangl kids, and local children liked the farm, then our guest’s children would surely feel right at home there too ... a wonderful place to play together“, recalled Maria Hauser. Today she and her brother Richard Hauser make up part of a strong team of this, the young, Stangl-generation. „It was never my intention that a good employee would have to ,make way‘, just so I the daughter could get a foot in the door. So it was even nicer then that an actual position was to be filled, and that I was needed.“ Like her siblings Richard, Elisabeth and Johannes, she too worked in the ‘Biohotel’ and in the guesthouse at the weekends and during the holidays when she was still at school, and never considered herself too good for any task. She helped chambermaids as much as she did the chefs in the Patisserie, „I was able to learn such a lot doing that“, she says today. Then after her ‘A’ levels she packed her bags. Australia was calling. „That was like plunging in at the deep end but spontaneous decisions are known to be the best.“ She studied Tourism and Hospitality Business Administration at a private university in Sydney, one of the best Hotel Universities in the world. After that she beat a path to the USA. In the only ‘Leading Hotel’ in San Diego she worked her way up from Sales Assistant to Special Event Manager, organising fashion shows with an audience of 2500 and Society Events of 3000 guests, among them VIPs from Hollywood, Business and Politics. That’s how she got to know Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger well.

Return home after 4 abroad:
Then, in 2006, after four years abroad, she had a decision to make: her father asked her to come home to the business and take up the vacant position of Assistant Manager, while a hotel in San Diego was also trying to win her over. She chose her Tirol home: „I’m a family girl, and I’ve always known that I would go back home some time or other.“ In spite of her impressive education and experience in renowned hotels she started as Assistant to the Hotel Manageress Trixi Moser. „Even though in my ‘home‘ I knew every little nook and cranny, to start with I didn’t really know much about the operational procedures in the Stanglwirt. My colleagues provided me with an introduction to the business, and from the start it was a very harmonious co-operation.” This spring, together with brother Richard, she defined the areas of her duties in a specific manner. Marketing, PR, Quality Assurance, Complaints Management and major events, such as the ‘Weißwurstparty’ have not exactly provided a small area of activity. „Lots of people are a bit ‚afraid’ when it comes to dealing with complaints. I see it as a great opportunity, because I am able to show the guest that we take legitimate criticism very seriously and react to it immediately. The guest has to see and feel that we are seeing to their needs honestly and wholeheartedly.“ The reward: she has very often turned complainants into satisfied regular guests. And Marketing, she’s always been keen on: „The creative side of business has always interested me.“ That her key contact partners in the business are family members doesn’t bother her. „Of course it’s a huge stroke of luck to be able to work in tandem with your family. We all have different interests and talents, yet there is one common love which brings us all together, the hotel sector and above all else, the guests.“ Her younger brother Johannes, who has just left school and now wants to train in tourism, has set his heart on Farming and also on Food- and Beverage Management; her sister Elisabeth, who has a degree in Tourism and is currently working in Switzerland in the Marriott, has found that her strengths lie above all in Administration and Personal Management, and is a superb organiser of all sorts of presentation events. Richard is a specialist in all matters concerning strategy and structure. Their mother Magdalena, the „soul of the hotel“, just as the members of the family, regular guests and staff point out, brings peace and quiet, energy and a close rapport to guests. She passionately oversees the laundry facilities and to the overall decoration in the hotel, and, as a qualified hiking guide, regularly goes on mountain tours in the summer with Stanglwirt guests. So this polyphonic orchestra plays together perfectly and creates a perfect harmony. And at the end of the day the ‘conductor’ - Stanglwirt’s Balthasar Hauser oversees it all.
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