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Medical Fitness

Intelligent training every step of the way

Guests to the Stanglwirt can look forward to a milestone in terms of health and prevention. Following a holistic concept, developed by the renowned Traunmed health center at Lake Chiemsee, the focus is on the (mostly incorrect) postural control of humans, which is the cause for back-pain to an incredible 80 percent. Well-founded medical fitness which begins where conventional fitness studios end, is the right step at home at the Stanglwirt. Martin Schadhauser, managing director of the Traunmed health Centre - focus on orthopedics - was introduced to Balthasar Hauser by sports personalities like Franz Beckenbauer. Before long, similarities in their (life-) philosophies emerged, but the time for fruitful cooperation did not yet seem to have come at the time. It was in great part thanks to the friendship to junior director Maria Hauser-Lederer and the mutual spirit of innovation that the idea to walk down a shared path now took on more tangible forms. Thus Stanglwirt guests now have the unique opportunity to benefit from this newly formed alliance during their holidays. In an innovatively designed course offer "Walk with brain", the credo of Traunmed – proper walking and thus preventing or relieving inter-vertebral disc problems – is taught. With the declared aim of avoiding traditional, surgical measures, Traunmed has taken thousands of people afflicted with pain by the hand and step by step, literally, shown them the way to a life free of pain.

Finding the cause of the pain is pivotal in doing so – determining by means of a visual gait pattern which the client in all banality watches in slow-motion, including the famous "aha-reaction". This way, the client can see clearly for himself what he is doing wrong. Now it's all about working to sustainably introduce the client to correct walking, using the new concept of "Walk with brain". "Regeneration periods are getting shorter and shorter, and people older and older. That's why efficiency is needed – with good, intelligent training adjusted to individual requirements, with maximum Medical-Fitness, our know-how and professional instruction" says Schadhauser who is enjoying the opportunity to now implement the health center's decades of experience at the Stanglwirt as well.

"Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. What is your choice?" (Chinese proverb)

Medical-Fitness Trainer Björn

Björn Schulz, who represents the renowned Traunmed Physio Centre in the Stanglwirt, first creates a needs analysis for guests in the context of their physical history, calculates their current state and determines their true physical age with a special body-age device.
With Björn Schulz’s intelligent training concept and the therapeutic know-how of the Traunmed Sport and Health Centre, which covers mental components (such as stress and harassment) as well as the physical, and therefore treats the mental links to the likes of back problems, a remarkable fitness concept has emerged at the Stanglwirt.

Health Centre Traunmed

Founded in 1977 as a physiotherapy office by Father Josef Schadhauser, the company became one of the first certified rehab centers in Bavaria. Schadhauser is among the pioneers in the field of medical training sessions and with the establishment of Traunmed one of the first networked health and medical centers in all of Germany. The noticeable difference to other therapy facilities lies in the aim of freedom from pain only making up the very beginning of treatment. Schadhauser is instead much more interested in where pain comes from. The list of those relying on the expertise of the pros is long and star-studded. While father and sister act as Traunmed physiotherapists, MBA holder Martin Schadhauser is in charge of management and marketing.

Imagefilm Traunmed - Noticeably different! (in german)

Promotion film by Traunmed on occasion of the 2014 award ceremony for athletes at the Traunstein District Office. Traunmed was honoured for "Special Services...

Short excerpt from the programme

"Box yourself free" at home at the Stanglwirt

Our guests are currently experiencing Klitschko-fever with regard to physical and mental fitness and have made boxing their alternative stress therapy. Demand for personal training by and with Björn Schulz, the go-to man both for guests who seek therapy for severe problems as well as for sports guests who want to improve their fitness by means of a customized workout plan, has grown at an astonishing rate in recent months. In the process, heart-rate determined fitness boxing emerged as the big hit for young and old, men and women alike. Beware! Great danger of addiction included! Therapy or regeneration or (full) action in this focused mix as Traunmed member of staff Björn offers it in one person from beginners' trial lessons all the way to performance-oriented professional athletes, is only available at the Stanglwirt. Here, guests can and are expected to bow themselves free - be it figuratively or directly in the footsteps of the Klitschko brothers which can be found all throughout the Stanglwirt.

Medical Fitness Trainer Björn Schulz beim Stanglwirt's-Boxtraining
Medical Fitness Trainer Björn Schulz beim Stanglwirt's-Boxtraining

Run with Brain & Walk with Brain

Cardiovascular-driven walking or running meet for all age groups in the breathtaking nature at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser. ECG-precise training thanks to the latest models of polar-training computers (provided free of charge by us during training).


Medical back-fitness - no matter if existing afflictions or simply preventive training - here the best tips and exercises for everyday training are shown and longstanding back troubles thus alleviated.

Fitnessgarden & Medical Fitness

We offer our guests a number of attractive courses free of change (Pilates, workouts, yoga, and much more).Our sports scientists provide you with valuable exercise and nutritional advice.

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