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The most beautiful themed walks in the Kitzbühel Alps

• Itter Rose Trail
• Brixental Silver Trail
• Grossache River Experience Trail
• Aurach Traditional Farm Trail

Themed trails tell a story of the region and its inhabitants. 3 of the 4 most beautiful themed walks in the Kitzbühel Alps focus on aspects such as mining, agriculture and the rivers, all of which have shaped life in the mountains over the centuries.

Azure Blue Silver Trail in Brixen
Kitzbühel became rich through mining and the striking old town was financed by the industry. It is no wonder then that ore such as semi-precious stones can still be found on walks in the Kitzbühel Alps, for example the Silver Trail in Brixen im Thale. Azurite is easy to find in the stone quarry by the Brantlalm mountain guesthouse. These are deep blue stones and gave their name to the term ‘azure blue’. Silver ore and the famous green jewellery stone, malachite, are also found here. The Silver Trail starts at the mountain station of the Hochbrixen cable car and leads across the extensive meadows to the beautiful high moorland area of Längmoos. Here it is the small moorland lakes and not gemstones which sparkle like sapphires in the sunlight.

Mountain river adventure playground
The River Experience Trail from Kirchdorf to Erpfendorf developed through necessity. The Grossache river was shifted back in as natural a manner as possible for flood protection purposes. The expansion of the river bed reduced the water’s speed of flow and therefore gravel banks developed and alluvial forests began to grow on the riverbanks. Children can play in the water by the flat areas of the banks while the numerous bays, sand banks and islands transform the Ache into a unique and extensive water playground. Rest areas, viewing platforms, natural hydrotherapy pools and a children’s play area complete the offer. The 3.5 km circular trail is especially suitable for family cycling trips.

Traditional Farm Trail in Aurach
The grass mountains of the Kitzbühel Alps offer the ideal conditions for animal husbandry. While the mountain slopes are dotted with meadows, the valley is characterised by its ornate farmyards. Farms which been worked by the same family for at least 200 years are allocated the name of ‘Erbhof’ (traditional farm) by the state of Tyrol. The Traditional Farm Trail in Aurach links 5 of these beautiful farmyards in a comfortable circular walk. The organic farm of Niedernberg, built in 1569, is now in its 7th generation while a road to the Buchau farm was only built in 1972. The well-maintained Trategg farm has its own bakery and smokehouse where bread is regularly baked while the Aurach zoo is the main attraction at the Branderhof farm.

Rose Trail in Itter
Roses have been known as the queen of the flowers for thousands of years. Their scent and symmetry fascinated the Persians, Romans and Saxons alike. In addition to the famous ‘red rose’, the flower of love, there are plenty of other fascinating species. These include floating roses (e.g. the lily-like roses), inconspicuous wild roses (e.g. the dog rose), unauthentic roses (e.g. the peony) and all of the traditional rose species with their intense scents such as the cabbage rose and Gallic rose. The highlight of this 1.5 km Rose Trail is the rose show garden which contains endless varieties of cultivated roses. The Itter Rose Trail is suitable for pushchairs and ends at the Ittererwirt inn.

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Beautiful silent hiking trails starting directly in front of our doors leading to the famous mountain cabins in our pure landscape.

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