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One family – one passion for hospitality

Anna Hauser
Anna Hauser
More than 100 years ago, the Hauser family took over Stanglwirt - and success followed them to the Prama.

Maria Schlechter, born Hauser, was the successful host of Stanglwirt for 50 years. In her final years she did everything she could to find a suitable successor, as her marriage was childless. Seislwirt in St. Johann, the husband of one of Maria Schlechter's nieces, proposed she give his daughter Anna a try.

Maria Schlechter was quick to realize Anna's potential during her trial period. Anna was a beautiful young woman, who did every kind of work without hesitation, who cooked excellently and who was a good singer. She was already friends with Alois Hofer, the young Ebner-farmer, who the old host of Stanglwirt learned to appreciate as a neighbour, friend and singing partner of her nephew Sepp.

That was an important factor in the decision to make Anna Seibl the new host of Stanglwirt
in 1944 and to give her the order to uphold the traditions of Stanglwirt and of the Hauser family. It was wartime when young Anna moved to her grand aunt in Going. Five sons from Ebnerhof were drafted into military service, two of them did not come back alive.

The oldest son Lois came back to help his sick father run the farm. Lois also helped out on the Stanglwirt farm when help was needed. But it was the singing that brought Anna and Lois together. They became a beautiful couple. Together with Lois' sister Liesi, who was a waitress at Stanglwirt, they formed a trio and they impressed their audience with their unique triad and vocal harmony. They were known as the One family - "Stangl-Trio" throughout the country. The newlyweds' happiness was complete when their daughter Maria was born in November 1944. Almost two years later, in August 1946, Balthasar was born, the longdesired son and heir and current host of Stanglwirt. Lois moved to his
Anna at Stangwirt, but he remained a farmer on the Ebnerhof. The farming for Ebnerhof and Stanglwirt was done together and Lois was responsible for the entire operation.
Farming remains an essential part

“We would never give up farming, it is our core business!” said Anna Hauser, ...

A novelty: warm food served all day

This was a novelty at this time. Anna Hauser brought new clientele with this poster saying “warm food served all day” - the organized tourist traffic....

Prominent guests at Stanglwirt

Everyone was treated equally at Stanglwirt, the rich as well as the poor. It is more than likely that even the rich preferred it this way ...

An era comes to an end

In June of 1964, a few days before solstice, she did not feel well and complained of pain. When her condition became radically worse ...

The fight for survival

Maria, the older sister, was the first one to take over the helm. She was already helping out in the restaurant and she knew the procedures ...

Give up Stanglwirt?

Finally the financial turbulences died down and Stanglwirt started realizing new projects. The first project was renovating the popular tap on the first floor, which became today’s “Stanglalm”. In 1970 he invested in tennis courts. ...

European pioneer

The biohotel, the living traditions, the love of music and the innovative ideas of the owner resulted in steady occupancy rates. ...

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