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Our menu

Cold & warm starters

Small Romanic lettuce hearts
with grilled prawns, garlic bread and mango-chutney
€ 16,90
Terrine of creamy cheese
coated in grilled vegetables, tomato salsa and rocket salad
€ 12,90
Lamb in aspic
with pumpkin relish and small saladbouquet
€ 14,90
Partridge galantine with organic goose liver,
assorted beetroot and brioche
€ 18,50
Assorted leaf salad with marinated goat cheese,
roasted nuts and seeds
€ 12,90
Duet of scallops and Norway lobster
with Barley risotto and crustacean foam
€ 24,50
Conchiglie pasta with tomatoes,
broccoli, pine nuts and red chard
€ 10,90

From our soup pot

Strong beef broth with homemade sliced pancakes
€ 7,50
Strong beef broth with homemade bacon dumpling
€ 7,50
Strong beef broth with homemade liver dumpling
€ 7,50
Vegane cream of corn soup with tacos
€ 7,50
Vegane cream of spinach soup with Pane carasau
€ 8,50

Our traditional dishes

Crispy roast of pork fresh from the oven
with bread dumpling, sauerkraut and gravy
€ 18,50
Escalope of veal “Viennese style”
fried in butter with parsley potatoes, cranberries and lemon
€ 28,50
Roasted sirloin steak with onion sauce,
homemade “spaetzle” and beans wrapped in bacon
€ 29,00
Fried organic chicken of the valley “Stubai”
with potato-lambs lettuce salad, cranberries and lemon
€ 18,50
In oven cooked assorted vegetables
with fresh herbs, olive oil and sea salt
€ 14,90

From stable, garden and water

Boiled veal
with the classic side dishes
(creamy spinach, roasted potatoes, apple horseradish, chive sauce)
€ 28,90
Roasted pike-perch-fillet with Meaux mustard
with kohlrabi vegetables, fried bacon potatoes
and chervil butter sauce
€ 32,90
Fillet steak of beef
with mashed potatoes assorted vegetables
and creamy pepper sauce or sauce Hollandaise
€ 42,90
Duet of lamb with eggplant,
beans, creamy polenta and rosemary sauce
€ 31,90
Strudel of cabbage in Brik dough
with herbal soya dip
€ 12,90

Sweet Austrian temptations

Home-made `Kaiserschmarrn`(Thick pancake slices)
served with raspberries, plum compote and vanilla ice cream
€ 16,00
Trilogy of chocolate
with berries
€ 9,50
3 curd cheese dumplings
with sweet crumbles, served with apricot compote
€ 9,50
Small variation of sorbets
with fresh fruits
€ 11,50
Crème Brûlée
with tonka bean ice cream and fresh raspberries
€ 8,50
Caramelized walnut parfait
with ragout of ginger-sour cherries
€ 8,50

Snacks at the Stanglwirt

Bacon plate
with pickles, egg and butter
€ 14,90
Beef in aspic
with onions, tomatoes, pickles and bread
€ 12,50
„Stanglwirt mountain cheese“ (from our own dairy)
with chive-bread and apple
€ 14,90
Sausage salad
with vinegar, oil and onion rings
€ 11,90
Bacon bread or Cheese bread
€ 10,50
Assorted cold Cut platter
(bacon, cold roasted pork, smoked sausages, mountain cheese and homemade cheese sausage)
€ 15,50

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Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt

Kaiserweg 1, A-6353 Going am Wilden Kaiser,
Feel free to call us - Phonenumber 0043 (0) 5358 2000, Fax 0043 (0) 5358 2000 31

0043 (0) 5358 2000