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Our sports treatments

Bums, Tums and Thighs
A flat stomach, strong thighs and a toned bottom – is that your goal? With the right training you can achieve it. With specific exercises and balanced nutrition, you can tone up your target areas.

Back fitness
Preventative, effective exercises to strengthen your entire corset muscle. Stretching and mobilisation are just as important as specifically strengthening your back and stomach muscles. A strong back is one which doesn’t suffer aches and pains.
Body Fitness
Toning and strengthening muscles, with emphasis on the stomach, leg and gluteal muscles.

Yoga exercises bring body and soul into harmony. Concentrating on your breathing calms your spirit, and the exercises improve the way your body feels, its strength and mobility. Relaxation and inner peace create energy - a crowning finale.

Gentle training for deep within your muscles; shapes and tones your body, improving posture and mobility. The specific breathing technique strengthens your mid-section in particular, along with the other muscles you are focusing on.

Shortened muscles, which can result from seated activities and from sports, need to be balanced out. These sessions provide targeted stretching exercises to keep your whole body agile, nourishing your muscle tissues with blood, providing relaxation and improving body awareness.

Aqua Fitness
The pressure of the water is effective for your whole body. The water cools your body more quickly, which means you have to keep moving, which forces your body to warm up. Your metabolism runs at full steam in the water, and burns more energy.
Exercise really increases calorie use. Even after leaving the water your body’s energy expenditure is elevated for a certain amount of time afterwards.

Supervised training
Guidance from our fitness trainer on the correct use of Technogym fitness machines.

Nordic Walking
Targeted whole body training using a pole as your training aid. In using a specific technique, 90% of your muscles are trained, as well as effective cardiovascular training in your fat burning zone. Nordic Walking is suitable for any age-group, and for those of any fitness level.

Running for beginners
A relaxed alternation between running and walking, with correct use of a heart-rate monitor and a healthy running technique.
Lots of practical tips for a sensible, long-term training plan are provided along the way.

Kneipp excursion (summer)
Discover the healing resources of the natural surroundings for your body and soul in the landscape of the Wilden Kaiser. With a circuit starting in the town centre of Scheffau. Kneipp tread pools and an arm bath stimulate your circulation, nourish your tissues and train your blood vessels. We traverse the forest with a different terrain underfoot, on a barefoot path which is sensory experience for your feet, and enjoy other surprises in the forest.

Instruction in Kinesis Training
Introduction to a variety of training options using 3 dimensional cable machines. One to two exercises are explained in more detail at each station; there is also the chance to try an exercise, with instruction provided.

Instruction in Galileo vibration training
Instruction and practise session on our ultramodern Galileo vibration machine, which is used to regenerate bones and muscles. Improves sporting performance, strengthens connective tissue, warms -up and relaxes.

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