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Sauna & Waterworld

Wellness World for Families (2.110m²)

Indoor Rock Pool (32°)

‘Stone kingdom’ – rock pool, a rare gem in the hotel. Warm water falls rush across giant rocks from the ‘Wilder Kaiser’ and let you experience the natural surroundings up close …

Outdoor Rock Pool (32°C)

Through a rock tunnel you can swim from the indoor rock pool into the magnificent outdoor pool and enjoy a beautiful view to the Wilder Kaiser mountain with the whole family...

Rock Whirlpool (36°C)

Relax in the spacious whirlpool with views to our sea water aquarium incl. colourful coral reef, in the midst of babbling wild streams, rocks and lush greenery …

Family Sport Pool (outdoor 28°C)

Relax on the „Kaiserwiese“ (relaxation meadow) while your kids have fun in the refreshing water ...

Panorama Relaxation Room

Stone steps take you through the spring garden up to the most wonderful panoramic view of the Wilder Kaiser mountain.

Oasis of Silence Relaxation Room

Enjoy the view to our marine aquarium including a colorful coral reef in the oasis of peace and relax while watching the colorful underwater world ...

Salt Grotto (50°C)

Enjoy the healing of the warm salt steam on your vocal cords, skin and bronchial system...

Stone Sauna (50° C)

Warm sandstone rocks and eucalyptus steams provide relief for tired backs and aching bones.

Mountain Crystal Steam Bath (50°C)

Be astonished by our magical sparkling crystals. Relaxing colour and light effects emit healing strength from the depths of the earth.

Pinewood Sauna (60°C)

Relax in the stylish mountain chalet and the organic pinewood scent.

"Wilder Kaiser Sauna" (95°C)

A large sauna cottage for the whole family with a view of the splendid landscape...

New from summer 2015: Adventure-filled children’s water world filled with unique attractions (various large water adventure areas for babies, children and teenagers on an area covering some 1000 m² incl. 120 metre slide, and much more).

Wellness World for Adults (2.500m², ages 16 years and over)

Saltwater Pool (36°C)

In the biggest salt water pool in any hotel in Europe (210 m² indoors and outdoors)
you will find relaxation on the air jet couches and in the massage nooks – enjoying the view to the ‘Wilder Kaiser’ …

Pro Sports-Swimming-Pool (28°C)

Do your lengths in our international 25 x 7 metre sports pool including OMEGA time measurement (the only one in Austria) …

Cosy Relaxation Areas

Let your soul roam free by our open fireplaces in our different relaxation rooms, while your gaze is drawn out into the open natural surroundings...

Pinewood Bio Sauna (70°C)

Our Swiss stone pine biosauna provides you with a perfect retreat to re-energise! Take a deep breath and enjoy the exceptional aroma of health-promoting Swiss stone pine …

The positive effects of pinewood on our body

  • significantly better quality of sleep
  • is relaxing and calming
  • lowers the heart rate by about 3500 beats per day (the equivalent of one hour less work a day for your heart)
  • has been proven to help faster recovery

Kaiser Sauna (90°C)

A spacious event sauna in which special infusions are "celebrated". The infusion-timetable can be found in our daily morning mail...

Marble Steam Bath

Enjoy a steam bath with sauna-like benefits. The ideal combination of warmth and moisture allows the steam bath to clean, tend to and relax your body...

Waterfall Grotto

Feel like you are right outside in the magnifique nature - amid torrents and waterfalls that therapeutically refresh the body, spirit and soul...

Natural Swimming Lake

In the outside area a beautifully designed 517m² natural swimming lake entices visitors after their sauna session. Swim in fresh and clear water on the foot of the Wilder Kaiser mountains...

Dive in and feel good! Get an idea of what it’s like and have an uplifting time ...

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Sauna & Waterworld
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