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Scaling the walls with finger tip precision

In the last 15 years climbing has become a popular sport. The infrastructure here with us in Tirol is definitely one of the best, and one which more and more climbers are learning to appreciate.

Superlative climbing parks
In the last 15 years Tirol has become a real paradise for climbers.
Since the end of the 80s and the start of the 90s this sport has experienced a steady upsurge, with 160 climbing routes drilled into the Tirol cliff faces. “The more opportunities there were, the more climbers came and made use of the offer”. That climbing is booming, can be seen in the excellent infrastructure of the climbing parks in Tirol. “A climbing park is good when it provides routes for all climbers. When top climbers along with beginners and those with a bit of experience can climb, that’s what makes a climbing park”, explains Scherer. The climbing parks in Tirol are also easy to get to, have car parking and provide athletes space to get together. “People get to sit together and have a chat. Sometimes there is even a barbecue area. Then you're talking! You exercise in the open natural surroundings and foster social contact“. On the platforms such as Climbers Paradise, the popularity of the sport is clear to see: „It’s all go on Tirol’s climbing scene, people are taking care of their sport. This is apparent in the professionalism, with Climbers Paradise and the Alpine Association“ says Scherer. This ensures that the climbing area is used and maintained and that news of any additions is spread. In addition, with a well developed and looked after infrastructure it is much easier for beginners to get into the sport.

What do you do when you are an absolute beginner?
To the question regarding what is best to do to overcome any fear of the vertical wall, he responds with a smile: “That is just something you get used to! Beginners are afraid because the whole situation is completely new and unknown to them. Basically everyone has a head for heights - fear of heights is only related to the fact that most people just aren’t used to these heights.“ That, as an experienced trainer knows, is easy to overcome. “Bouldering for instance is fantastic for beginners. You get to jump and aren’t relying on a rope. That provides security which is somewhat more familiar. On average a 10-day course is enough for beginners, after which they can then climb alone outdoors on the easy routes. Climbing requires you to be appropriately trained and informed before tackling the wall. “It’s not a case of a friend showing you the ropes. It is impossible to learn how to climb when someone says: now you do this, and then that. You wouldn’t learn to drive like that!“ Scherer emphasises on the importance of climbing courses. “When people are appropriately trained and informed, fewer accidents occur“.

Hiking & Climbing

Beautiful silent hiking trails starting directly in front of our doors leading to the famous mountain cabins in our pure landscape.

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