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'Schifoan!' at the most traditional 'Hütten-Gaudi' in Kitzbühel

Fitting and exuberant ... aptly describe the 21st 'Weißwurstparty' here in the Stanglwirt. Together with 2000 friends of the hotel, regular guests, ski legends and numerous VIP guests, the biggest après-ski party in Kitzbühel was enjoyed in a traditional Alpine atmosphere.

At 8:30 p.m. on the dot the cry was 'Weiß wurscht is' - and the 21st 'Weißwurstparty' was opened. This year the Stanglwirt's Balthasar and Magdalena Hauser celebrated the traditional ceremony along with Vitali Klitschko, Niki Lauda, and Weißwurstparty creator Toni Holnburger. The fact that the Super-G had to be cancelled due to persistent snowfall, didn't detract from the greatest après-ski party on the Hahnenkamm race weekend. 'Schifoan' resounded at the Weißwurstparty - Wolfgang Ambros wasn't just celebrating his greatest hits and 40-years performing on stage at the Weißwurstparty, this was also his first Hahnenkamm performance. 'Wolfgang Ambros was simply perfect for the most traditional 'Hüttengaudi' in Kitzbühel. There was no doubt that we would invite this exceptional gifted man from Tyrol', said Stanglwirt Junior Manager and event organiser, Maria Hauser.
Schwarzenegger in the Stanglwirt
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ralf Möller came to us in the Stanglwirt to enjoy a Weißwurst lunch. The two Hollywood stars lit an obligatory cigar late into the night. Gerry Friedlealias alias DJ Ötzi had a taste of the 2000 Hüttengaudi-, 2000 chilli and 4000 Champagne Weißwurst sausages from Holnburger Master Butchers, refined by Alfons Schuhbeck, as did Wolfgang and Djamilla Fierek, Fritz Wepper, Tobias Morretti and Gregor Bloéb, Prince Leopold of Bavaria and his son Prince Manuel. Celebrating in exuberant fashion at the regulars' table were, among others, Norbert Blecha, Hans Mahr, Werner and Cathrin Baldessarini, Laura Hinterseer, Prof. Werner Mang, Axel Pape, Reinhold, Laura and Beatrice Bilgari along with Peter Haas, Gundis Zambo, Hubertus von Hohenlohe, Alessandra Pocher, Alessandra Geissel, Carmen and Robert Geiss, Andrea L’Arronge, Christian Abt, Jürgen, Ramona and Joelina Drews. Ali Rahimi showed his deep affection for his girlfriend, Sven Hannawald and Alena Gerber, Matthias Sammer and his wife Karin.

Proper Rock music and live broadcast
Along with Austrian Pop legend Wolfgang Ambros, iconic 'Oktoberfest' bands Sumpfkröten and Salzburger Hodalumpn set the tone for the atmosphere at the 21st Weißwurstparty. For the first time it was exclusively Austrian acts appearing on the Weißwurstparty stage. Friends of the hotel, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Zabine and Alex Zaglmayer made a spontaneous surprise appearance with their après-ski hit 'Pony Toni'. The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, ORF, broadcast a special version of the popular show 'Österreich wählt' with Kati Bellowitsch live from the Weißwurstparty. Legendary Kitzbühel moments were remembered. Host for the evening was ORF star Dorian Steidl.
VIPs from the world of politics and ski legends are guests in the Stanglwirt
Doing the honours at the simultaneous reception of Tyrol's governor Günther Platter in the Stanglwirt were among others Federal President Heinz Fischer, Vice Chancellor Michael Spindelegger and also South Tyrol governor Luis Durnwalder. The Stanglwirt was also accorded the honour of having countless skiing legends in attendance at the Weißwurst party. Legends celebrated in the snug with Balthasar Hauser, including Franz Klammer, Karl Schranz, Ernst Hinterseer, Hias Leitner, Stephan Eberharter, Fritz Strobl, Marc Girardelli, Bruno Kernen, Armin Assinger, Kristian Ghedina and Rainer Schönfelder.

Back to the beginnings
With a journey through time, the maxim being 'Back to the beginnings', landlord Balthasar Hauser along with the man charged with tasting of over 8000 Weißwurst sausages, Toni Holnburger, took a look back at the history of the Hahnenkamm race and the legendary Weißwurst party, which has started over 21 years ago as a meeting of regulars including Balthasar Hauser, Toni Holnburger and a handful of skiers.
Looking back at the Hahnenkamm weekend and the Weißwurst party 2012:
360° Tour

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