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Sensual baths & packs

Bathing rituals

A glass of Champagne is served for every bathing ritual &
our baths can also be enjoyed as a couple!

Droste Laux alkaline bath – de-acidifying

Take time out for this unique alkaline precious stone bath and enjoy the feeling of incomparably silky skin. Bathe for longer than you normally would, so that the natural removal of toxins via your skin can take full effect. Achieve an invigorated, healthy complexion with a de-acidifying blossom tea and an alkaline body lotion.

  • De-acidifies the body via the skin
  • Supports the self-regulation of the skin
  • Makes skin smooth and supple
  • Regenerates after vigorous exercise
40 mins. € 70.00

Tyrolean mineral oil bath – relaxing

A first-rate product from the TIROLER STEINÖL product range. The high proportion of organically bound sulphur creates an exceptional feeling of well-being, especially for overworked muscles and joints, and takes the strain off the musculoskeletal system.

20 mins. € 40.00

Rose petal bath – harmonising

Enjoy a fairy-tale bath and relax in a sea of rose petals with a glass of champagne. The essences contained in the delicate rose buds have a positive effect on your body. Their fragrance and active ingredients have a harmonising effect and invigorate the senses.

20 mins. € 40.00

Stangl‘s whey bath – nourishing

(can be booked from September to May)

Exclusive to the Stanglwirt … experience the unforgettable Stangl whey bath!
Natural skincare from the hotel’s own whey production, fresh from our Stangl cows. Natural luxury specifically for stressed and dehydrated skin. Advance booking required!

30 mins. € 80.00
Enjoy our baths together as a couple! 2nd person € 20.00
A sensual bath...
A sensual bath...
Natural skin care with whey ...
Natural skin care with whey ...
Indulge yourself ...
Indulge yourself ...


Algae pack – detoxifying and tightening

Detoxifying with the cleansing power of the sea. This full body pack with micropulverised algae detoxifies, tightens and stimulates the metabolism. It helps break down areas of water accumulation and fatty deposits and simultaneously has an intensively moisturising effect. Your skin and tissue are supplied with minerals and trace elements.

40 mins. € 70.00

Alpine milkshake – cell-building & cell-renewing

A luxurious and indulgent programme for silky-soft skin.
Cover your entire body with smooth goat butter cream and precious oils and leave them to work in the perfect temperature of our soft pack table. This treatment brings cell-building and cell-renewing vitality to sensitive and dry skin. Stroking massage techniques complete this treatment.

40 mins. € 80.00

Moor pack – the healing power of the moor

A relaxing back pack with moor mud warmed by the sun is just the ticket for a tired and stressed back. It has a deeply relaxing effect and is a positive influence on joint problems. Perfect for detoxification and de-acidification.

20 mins. € 40.00

We recommend following this with:
A relaxing back massage 30 mins. € 70.00

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