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Singers’ meeting at the Stanglwirt

The singers’ meeting at Stanglwirt is the only event of its kind in the entire Alpine region: singers and musicians from Austria and abroad have been meeting at the historical Stanglwirt in Going since 1949, to celebrate true folk music.

We celebrate true folk music. ...
We celebrate true folk music. ...
120th singers’ and musicians’ meeting...
120th singers’ and musicians’ meeting...
At the historical Stanglwirt ...
At the historical Stanglwirt ...

More and more guests enjoy the amenities of the 5-star lodging establishment at Stanglwirt. They admire the proud and classy horses of the Lipizzaner stud and the unforgettable view of the rock faces of Wilder Kaiser. Balthasar Hauser, the host of Stanglwirt, attracted a lot of media attention with his often unconventional and creative activities.

And yet it is something completely different that made Stanglwirt famous across the entire Alpine region. It is the singers' and musicians' meeting which has been happening here for more than half a century. Simple and authentic folk music has found a home at the venerable inn. The preservation of folk music is achieved here in a trend-setting way. Surrounded by beautiful traditional hospitality, people from different Alpine countries and different professions meet in these rustic chambers in relaxed and rousing sociability for the pure joy of singing and playing music. In spring 2013 we will celebrate the 126th singers' and musicians' meeting, in addition to the 400th anniversary of Stanglwirt. This is the right moment to look back and capture how it all began for future generations.

Tyrol underwent an economic revival after the Second World War. People longed for happiness, music and singing. It was a lucky coincidence that Anna Hauser, the young hostess of Stanglwirt, was an excellent singer, just like her predecessor Maria Schlechter and she attracted many guests with her enthusiastic and musical nature. Together with her husband Lois and his sister Liesi, the three formed an impressive trio and they were admired by many other groups for their exemplary singing talents. Many singers come to Stanglwirt to listen to the "Stangl-Trio" and sing themselves. At one of these musical meetings Anna and Lois had the idea of starting the singers' meeting, which started in the spring of 1949.
Singers' meetings like this did not exist before that time. There were of course singing competitions, where groups of singers were classified and given awards. The singing competition in the fortress of Kufstein was very popular at that time, just like similar events in Bavaria and Salzburg. Originally, the hostess of Stanglwirt had something similar in mind. Anna Hauser had already prepared three gift baskets for the top three groups, but her husband Lois was strictly against this kind of competition. "If this is going to be a singing competition, I will not sing!" By threatening not to sing Lois prevailed and added "Just imagine what would happen if we won the first prize!"

The first meeting in 1949 was presented by Alois Käferböck. The "Mayrhofer Trio" with Albin Moroder, Friedl Pramstahler and Max Egger came from Zillertal, the "Saalfelder Dreigsang" with Mitzi Herzog, Mali Fischbacher and Cilli Häusler came from Pinzgau and Toni Praxmair joined them with a small group of national singers. The fourth group was the Stanglwirt trio.

»The Stangl-Trio became a role model for many other groups. Many singers have come to Stanglwirt and sung themselves.«

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