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Stanglwirt´s signature massages

Stanglwirt´s signature back special

Professional massage technique for the back, neck and shoulder area. Using gentle or heavy pressure, your muscles are relaxed, tense areas released and your energy enjoys free rein again.

Partial body massage 50 mins. € 100.00
To achieve a perfect treatment outcome we recommend a massage with a deeply relaxing moor pack. 20 mins. € 35.00

Stanglwirt’s alpine herbal pouch massage

Would you like to forget your day-to-day stresses and be whisked away into a realm of Alpine senses? Enjoy the power and the aroma of local Alpine herbs and the rediscovered knowledge about their beneficial effects. The warmth of the herbal pouch suffuses your entire body, blockades are released, energy begins to flow and your powerd of selfhealing are awakened.

Partial body massage 30 mins. € 65.00
Full-body massage 70 mins. € 140.00

Stanglwirt´s Mountain Stone Massage

An incomparable massage using fiery mountain stones and clear mountain crystals. Warm stones and the power of cooling mountain crystals take you off into an incomparable feeling of security. This treatment harmonises your entire body by using a wonderfully fragrant oil, special massage movements and above all by positioning stones on your body. Tense muscles are also relaxed, your circulation is promoted and your body is warmed. Your lymph-system is stimulated by this treatment and your body’s detoxification is stimulated. This massage is particularly suitable for people who suffer from sleeplessness, headaches, or who have circulatory problems.

Full body massage 75 mins. € 140.00

The queen of massages – Lomi Lomi Nui

Enjoy THE traditional Hawaiian massage! Experience how deeply seated tensions dissipate and your entire body is brought into balance. This palpable effect is attained by the specific combination of rhythmic, stroking movements and pressure at certain points.

Full body massage 2-hands 90 mins. € 180.00

Additional recommendations for our massage treatments

Before your massage treat yourself to a relaxing and revitalising bath.

Base bath 30 mins. € 60.00
Tyrol mineral oil bath 20 mins. € 40.00
Rose petal bath 20 mins. € 40.00
Swiss stone pine bath 20 mins. € 40.00
Cranisosacrale balance
Cranisosacrale balance
Activate the powers of self-healing
Activate the powers of self-healing
Improve energy flow
Improve energy flow
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