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Spring water for the Fitness & Well-being Facility

The Stanglwirt is considered a pioneer in its field of the eco-hotel industry. That’s why even the energy required for the recently opened fitness & well-being extension ought to be obtained in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Because the hotel complex has a large reservoir of groundwater at its disposal, we have opted to employ the thermal use of groundwater. The benefits of this still relatively recent technology are crystal clear: the energy thus obtained is renewable and sitting right on our doorstep, therefore saving us transportation and costs. And what’s more, the system is highly efficient. For each kilowatt of power input for the compression, 4 kW of thermal energy are generated. By using the groundwater to generate heat, the Stanglwirt saves approximately 1000 litres of fuel oil each day.

In line with its claim to tackle tasks efficiently, with originality and intelligence, the heating system has been specifically designed so that it can be used in two capacities at once. By dint of an ingenious system, the cooled water is used for the temperature control of conference rooms, food storerooms and offices. It was a great compliment to us that Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking at the R20 Energy & Climate Conference even referred to the Stanglwirt’s heating system as exemplary!

Heat pump
Heat pump
Thermal Use of Groundwater
With this method of electricity generation, the energy is extracted from the water by means of a heat pump. Through alternating compression and decompression, thermal energy is produced. Although the compression does require electrical energy, this only amounts to a small proportion of the energy generated.

More Bio facts

1980 - Bio-logical foundation

With consistency and a good amount of Tyrolean steadfastness, Balthasar Hauser and his wife Magdalena demonstrated that “bio” certainly does not have to mean asceticism ...

1980 - Biomass energy plant

An environmentally-friendly heating system that uses the rind waste of the surrounding saw mills has been providing comfort and heat to the entire complex since 1980.

2004 - Hotel water bar

Spring water is increasingly competing with traditional beverages in the gastronomy business, even mineral waters. ...

2004 - New drinking culture

Presentation of a new spring water drinking culture ...
Balthasar Hauser wants to give spring water greater gastronomical significance and notes that a special water culture should not come for free.

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