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Stanglwirt's “Kaiserquelle”

Tyrol has 10,000 registered drinking water resources. One of the best springs can be found at Stanglwirt. “Kaiserquelle” provides the best water quality for gourmets.

There are sommeliers for wine, beer has its own rich culture and tea and coffee have their specific ceremonies and specialties. Only water, the basis for life, has been treated lightly.

Balthasar Hauser, the host of Stanglwirt, changed all that: “Spring water is becoming a strong competitor for conventional drinks in gastronomy, even for mineral waters. Today, two out of four guests at Stanglwirt prefer spring water with their meal.” Therefore this most important element of life is highly valued at Stanglwirt.

Every water tastes different and therefore not every water goes with every wine. Guests who consult the water sommelier are introduced to an entirely new taste experience. The presentation of these worldwide coveted waters is an essential part of the experience.

Stanglwirt's “Kaiserquelle”
Stanglwirt's “Kaiserquelle”
Best water quality ...
Best water quality ...
“Kaiserquelle” for gourmets
“Kaiserquelle” for gourmets

Placing a higher value on water
Balthasar Hauser has never understood why the water glass has to be the smallest glass on the table. He serves water in stem glasses as a symbolic gesture to raise the importance of water and its essential role in the history of man and life in general.

Gourmets, who prefer spring water to mineral water, can look forward to a real specialty at Stanglwirt. While renovating the 280-year-old “Kreuzbrunnen”, they found an artesian spring, which constantly wells due to the pressure from the ground water. Water experts and scientists confirm the exceptional quality of this “Kaiserquelle”. This is not the first time that the exceptional water quality at Stanglwirt has been noted - even 400 years ago, Stanglwirt was a perfect spot for an inn because of its delicious spring water.

Today, this fine water is served in specially designed carafes. “In accordance with our quality standards, our water has to be served cooled and in a misted carafe to become a precious and natural part of our superior table setting” said Balthasar Hauser to his restaurant staff.

Stanglwirt charges a symbolic contribution of two Euro per 1.5 litre carafe. A tenth of this contribution goes directly to the charity organization “Menschen für Menschen” of Stanglwirt-friend Karlheinz Böhm.
This money is used to build wells in the world’s driest countries.

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