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An elixir of life for body & soul from the depths of the sea. Vitamins, trace elements and sea ions are the secret of this effective algae concentrate. Improves circulation, refines and tightens your silhouette, detoxifies and decongests your body. Our Thalasso products are obtained for you directly from Brittany.

For body and soul  ...
For body and soul ...
Pure relaxation...
Pure relaxation...
Elixir from the depths of the sea
Elixir from the depths of the sea

3-day Thalasso body treatment

Well-being and effective treatments are perfectly combined here. The optimally attuned
stages of the treatment relax and detoxify the tissues and supply the skin with
moisture. The result is unrivalled soft skin. An all-round pampering programme and
the perfect balance for everyday life.

  • 1 x sea salt body peeling
  • 1 x Thalasso facial treatment incl. deep cleansing
  • 3 x detoxifying bath
  • 3 x algae pack
  • 2 x lymph drainage
Package price € 660.00

We also recommend:
The self-warming and firming masque modelant with its highly efficient, concentrated
active ingredients – ideal for bums, tums and legs.

€ 100.00


Luxury for your hands

A firming anti-ageing treatment for your hands. After all, the hands give away a lotabout a person. Take advantage of this luxury and the smoothing active ingredientsfor visible results with this warming and exclusive masque modelant. The addition ofa special serum helps combat age spots. Smoothing luxury for your hands!
€ 80.00

Luxury for your décolleté area

A forming and soothing treatment for the chest area. The smoothing peeling andfirming skin care products bring renewed tone and freshness to the critical areas ofthe skin.
€ 80.00

Luxury for your forearms

A firming and soothing treatment for the arms with highly concentrated active ingredientsto give the forearms the healthy skin tone you want. The special technique forapplying this tried-and-trusted masque modelant brings a new firmness to the skin.
€ 100.00
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