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The family as a foundation for success

That ‘at home at the Stanglwirt’, family business is not just an empty phrase and that here – despite immense growth - rural sentiment still determines conduct and actions, is what makes the Stanglwirt as unique in its structure as in its economic success story.

Balthasar Hauser as the sole managing director and Stanglwirt in person, who always ever only wanted to be a farmer but to whom fate assigned a different role at a young age may have grown into a full-blooded host, but his unconditional love for farming, animals and nature determines his entire life. And this can be witnessed in every nook and corner of the Stanglwirt. Thinking, planning and construction are uncompromisingly ecological, furnishings just as consistently made only of natural materials, with Swiss pine having become the most important and eye-catching building material. If the terms of authenticity and tradition wouldn't be half-heartedly misused so often these days, you would have two reinvent these attributes for the Stanglwirt, seeing that the entire Hauser family lives and acts according to these cornerstones as a strong foundation for their innovative work and creativity, their solidarity and thus their success. That for which Balthasar Hauser‘s mother Anna had laid the cornerstone and which was developed by her son with farsightedness and inexhaustible creativity and energy (and is becoming permanent), continues to 100 percent within the family.
Magdalena Hauser, the soul of the Hauser family and with that the Stanglwirt: Magdalena, the Stanglwirt landlady, who with her own warmth and endearing reserve pulls the invisible strings in the house. Be it flowers, the laundry, the legendary singers' get-together or the popular hikes she leads – she is the good spirit and calming influence of the house. Her day is riddled with tasks, such as the flower arrangements which she shares with "busy bee'', florist Michaela. In the Stanglwirt, great value is placed on real flowers and plants, which of course require plenty of care, love and the famous green fingers. In summer, Magdalena Hauser can also be found in the fields where she energetically helps raking hay. She takes over organisation and the motivating part of inducing Stanglwirt-staff with a farming background to assist. ''You simply have to help each other'', she says, helping out anywhere it's needed as if it were par for the course. In addition, the tasks of the laundry also fall within her remit, where six staff take care of an almost unbelievable two tons of laundry per day (!). In the Stanglwirt, nothing is outsourced – from the chef jacket to staff clothing to table, bed and guests' laundry, everything is kept in sparkling white condition in-house. No wonder that considering these mountains of laundry the machines (with a load capacity of around 200 kilograms) run practically non-stop from 5:30 until 20:30.
Maria Hauser-Lederer as the elder daughter and mother of Stanglwirt-sunshine ''Leni'' (born 2013) returned in 2006 to the parental business having successfully completed her bachelor's degree in Australia and worked as an event manager in the USA. Having seamlessly integrated into everyday management without delay, she is now in charge of marketing, PR, major events (such as the Weißwurstparty), for shopping, beauty lifestyle and fashion (including her own label) and with the extension of spa & wellness is now also in charge of this broader segment.
Elisabeth Hauser as the younger Stanglwirt-daughter in 2012, full of drive, followed the inviting call to return home from Switzerland where she had been working as an assistant to the management in a famous hotel chain. Since then she has been acting as the right hand to managing director Balthasar Hauser and is in charge of managing administration as well as the newly established human resources department. With passionate dedication and know-how she continues to dedicate herself to the on-site riding stable and the breeding of classic Lippizaner horses.
Johannes Hauser, the youngest Hauser-offspring, completes the sibling management-team since 2013, following 14 months as a management trainee in a luxury hotel on Hawaii. His responsibilities are in the food and beverage sector, which he presides over with his staff of 117. In addition to gastronomy, he is also in charge with inherited Hauser heart's-blood of the cultivation of all Stanglwirt-fields (of which around 51 hectares are reaped) as well as for production from the own farming and supply chain.
Trixi Moser – as the famous exception to the rule, is the only non-family member apart from the Hauser-offspring to be equally involved in the operative circle. Having been part of the business and family for nearly 25 years makes her the first point of contact in all matters concerning the multifaceted department of accommodation. With her experience and acceptance by the guests, including the trust of the staff, the likeable manageress completes the management team at the front.
Richard Hauser, having joined the business in 1994 as head of administration, saw the continuous buildup of the Stanglwirt Brand and with that the quadrupling of the business volume shoulder to shoulder with father Balthasar. Always busy on his own account parallel to the hotel (such as the founding of the Kitzbühel Country Club), he has been able to dedicate himself with renewed vigour to his entrepreneurial spirit since 2014, after 20 highly successful years in the Stanglwirt. He continues to be available to the paternal business in word and deed as an adviser.
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