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The fight for survival

The Stanglwirt at an early age
The Stanglwirt at an early age
Maria, the older sister, was the first one to take over the helm. She was already helping out in the restaurant and she knew the procedures. Even today she thinks back with gratitude on the many people who helped her to keep Stanglwirt running, which was never closed, not even for a single day.

Money was tight. “The almost even cut off our electricity”, she remembers. In 1966 her brother Balthasar took over Stanglwirt. He had just finished tourism school and already been hit by the next stroke of fate.

His sister Maria was moving to Carinthia and getting married there. Balthasar, not even 20 years old, had no money and no support - and he made Stanglwirt bigger and better than ever before in its 400-years-long history. Today he argues that “it was the right moment to have no money”. In 1968 he started building today’s parent house.

Without any expensive building material. The wood came from waste around the neighbourhood and the farmers in the near vicinity helped to build the house. They only had one tractor they had purchased on credit, every piece of wood, every single brick was manually carried to the second floor. The new “old building” was supposed to be a hotel with 40 beds and simple rooms with a beautiful view of the Wilder Kaiser.

These rooms were meant for salesmen and transients, just like previous hosts of Stanglwirt sheltered the carters, no one should have to be turned away at night. Balthasar III. remained true to the traditions of the previous hosts of Stanglwirt. He helped with the farming, the restaurant knew no off days and music was an integral part of the house. The hotel remained in the background: there was no reception and the keys were handed over at the restaurant.
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