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The great riding school test

Our in-house Lippizaner stud farm was thoroughly tested by Pferdplus magazine – and passed with flying colours!

Here the test report by Pferdplus:

Located in front of the dreamlike mountain scenery of the Wilder Kaiser, the Stanglwirt appears as a picture perfect postcard scenery. Thanks to the nearby B178, the establishment can also be easily reached by public transport.

A large, if crowded, parking lot in front of the stud entrance and a very well-tended entrance area convey the feeling of having arrived at a very solid school even before setting foot in the riding stable. Right next to the stud entrance you'll find the label identifying the school as an OEPS (Austria Equestrian Sports Organizations) riding school, with memberships in the Tyrol equestrian federation and the association of Austrian Lippizaner Breeders also indicated.

The boxes in the stables are arranged in clearly different sizes, cleanly mucked out and littered down. In the training stable, housing several Lippizaners, the prescribed box size, even allowing for the small height at withers of the Lippizaners, is unlikely to be reached. Currently, however, rebuilding is taking place and new, larger boxes will be ready for the horses in the future. The assessment of the tack room and infrastructure in the stable area was not really possible at the time of the test, due to the aforementioned construction work. The riding hall turned out to be a true optical highlight, connected to the hotel's lobby by the large panorama window.

In addition to the beautiful views from the hotel foyer into the riding hall, there's a clean grandstand available for spectators. The ground is clean and does not stir up dust even in hot weather. In the hotel's inner courtyard, paddocks are available for the trained horses to stretch their legs. The grass paddocks are located behind the hotel and, at the time of our visit, were invariably populated by several horses.

Service and Support
Riding guests are asked to turn up at the stables 15 minutes before the actual lesson, in order to check existing knowledge and skills and prepare the horses for the riding lessons. For grooming, there were various brushes, hoof picks and mane combs available in a colourful hotchpotch on a rack at the time of the test. The saddlery, however, was very neat and tidy. Uniform saddle pads with the Stanglwirt-logo and qualitatively appealing, well-kept saddlery (mainly Kiefer saddles) gave no cause for complaint. The teaching staff also appeared in correct riding gear and mainly uniform Stanglwirt polo shirts, which allowed even new riding guests to immediately recognise them as competent staff.

Trained horses
The trained horses are housed in clean, but partly very small, boxes and appear in immaculate condition. Shiny coats, properly cared for hoofs and good feeding condition all go to show that the Stanglwirt looks after its animals optimally, even in times of brisk business.

In terms of conduct, too, the Stanglwirt horses were on their best behaviour at the time of our tests. No flattened ears when being groomed and saddled, no refusal when riding up too closely during the lesson, nor any problems when leading them across the parking lot full of cars and people to the riding hall.
Just as well-behaved are the ponies, which ignore even unmindful smacks on the hindquarters by little riding guests, thus demonstrating absolute child suitability. During the lessons, the trained horses complete the programme required of them for the bigger riding guests to the satisfaction of the test riders almost without exception. Small disagreement may occur at times, but gross disobedience or reluctance is not something any of the test riders would accuse the Stanglwirt horses of.

Our advanced test rider was very satisfied with her 11-year-old mare. "She sits like a sofa, and for a trained horse she's also surprisingly diligent and rideable", says our local riding student with plenty of show experience, who in the course of private instruction also had the opportunity to practice some lessons such as shoulder-in, rein-back... under the guidance of a very committed and competent appearing riding instructor.

Training staff
In the Stanglwirt riding stable, four instructors with different qualifications provide lessons. From the accredited master of horse management to the fully qualified groom, trainer and instructor. The assistance itself was very friendly, and the teaching units showed the professional commitment of the instructors – and that despite partly tropical heat and holiday high season. Our test riders were also very pleased with the child friendly riding lessons, which gave playful relief to the teaching units by way of lots of humour and numerous questions (e.g. what's a black horse called – Blacky).

The teaching units themselves all took place in the riding hall due to a lack of usable outdoor space. The length of the lessons was always as indicated, sometimes even longer. To start with, especially for weaker riders, the saddlery was thoroughly checked and adjusted, as was the correct length of the reins. In the case of any problems during the riding lessons, questions concerning seating and effect were asked to assist riders in problem solving, which playfully imparted knowledge concerning the situation at hand. However, it was not just the assistance but also questions concerning the footfall in the basic paces or the horse's anatomy that rounded off the lesson and made the test riders feel they were being looked after by competent riding instructors. Very graphically, one of the trainers demonstrated how the correct arm position while sitting on the horse should look and how not, much to the entertainment of the, onlookers on the floor. Overall, the riding lessons were conducted with lots of variety and very entertaining, and the different levels of skills of the riders within a group were also well responded to.

All in all, our test riders were very impressed throughout with the conditions on site, the support as well as the horses. A stable in which we'd like to ride again some time, was the unanimous verdict. In any case we are very pleased with the fine riding offer at the Stanglwirt and also to be able to award a very deserved Very Good to the Tyrolean riding stable.

We are very proud of this fine result and congratulate our
riding instructors for this excellent performance.
The Hauser family and the entire Stanglwirt-Team

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