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The Wilder Kaiser – a gem of nature

A mesmerizing mountain moor, one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in Tyrol, cosy village evenings and the handcrafts market

The Wilder Kaiser is an impressive mountain range and a real gem of nature. Around the conservation area there is an enchanted mountain moor, a crystal clear mountain lake and an invigorating Kneipp adventure realm. Respecting the natural surroundings and valuing old handcrafts is what makes the holiday region of the Wilder Kaiser a place well worth visiting.

Discover Moor & More
On the southern slopes of the Wilder Kaiser there is a small mountain moor which has almost fallen into oblivion. With a great deal of personal commitment a nature adventure trail has been set up for families in the moor area between Going on the Wilder Kaiser and St. Johann in Tyrol. Hiking trails have been created with the maxim being ‘Moor & More’; an "outdoor classroom" has been set up, as has lots of play equipment. The puzzle book for children and young people provides a hands-on, clear explanation of the unique flora & fauna found at the moor.
Hintersteiner See, a natural gem
Hintersteiner See in Scheffau is one of the loveliest mountain lakes in Tyrol. Its deep blue, clear water and its location at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser simply enchants everyone. The water from the lake which is located at 882 metres sea level is of drinking water and is supplied exclusively by subterranean sources. The European crayfish and so many kinds of orchids now almost exclusively are only found in this lake. It takes around an hour to walk round Hintersteiner See. This lake pool is one of those dreamy natural outdoor pools which don’t need any mega slides to provide inspiration; its location and tranquillity are what provide its charm. Many hikers who are on the go in the Wilder Kaiser like to use it as a place for a cool down. Going’s bathing lake is no less beautiful and was recently chosen as the loveliest natural bathing lake in Tyrol.

The power of nature
In Scheffau, the first Kneipp für mich® village in Tyrol, guests get to experience the invigorating power of the mountain water up close. Seven stations in this Kneipp adventure realm invigorate your body, help you recharge your batteries and strengthen your body’s natural defences. At the meditation area in particular you will find the tranquillity you need to gather yourself, before you cast aside all unnecessary burdens in the Adler Labyrinth with the help of one final ritual, and then you can return to the daily grind feeling somewhat unfettered. Qualified health trainers see to our guests’ needs and provide helpful tips so you can put the teachings of Kneipp to their best use.
Living Tradition
All four towns in the holiday region of Wilder Kaiser – Ellmau, Going, Scheffau und Söll – bring guests closer to customs which are alive and well and to old handcrafts, as part of the popular village evenings. The village evenings take place weekly or monthly, and provide guests with the opportunity to enjoy traditional Tyrol dishes and a convivial get-together with music. Customs are also alive and well at the handcrafts market in Going, which has been taking place for 25 years, and is the hub of all activities. Chamois-beard binders, belfry makers, lace makers and 100s of other handcrafts show-off their expertise and transform Going into one big market place.

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