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The Stanglwirt is set to focus even more on new blood and sustainable support of apprentices. The new educational cheque is intended to enable successfully trained apprentices to specialise even further.

All apprentices who stay with us for another two years following their completed apprenticeship will receive an educational cheque for Euro 2,500. This can be used for advanced training arrangements within two years. In doing so, apprentices are in no way tied to certain fields, but decide for themselves what they want to focus on in their advanced training and what they want to specialise in.

We have always placed great value on apprentice training: "Every apprentice is part of the large Stanglwirt-Family. Our apprentices have always enjoyed a very high status with us. That's exactly why we want to give fully trained apprentices the opportunity to specialise further in the fields they favour," explains Maria Hauser. A detailed training plan as well as the implementation of our own, interesting apprenticeship projects or eventful, educational excursions make apprenticeships at the Stanglwirt particularly attractive.
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