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Trixi Moser

Mrs. Trixi Moser - Hotel manageress
Mrs. Trixi Moser - Hotel manageress
Hotel manageress
+43 5358 2000-980

As Hotel Manager, Trixi Moser ensures guests experience an unforgettable holiday at Stanglwirt. Her secret weapon: an extra helping of vitality.

Every well functioning business is a puzzle, into which every piece fits together to form a harmonious image. At Stanglwirt there are three main cogs that must fit together seamlessly. The first and largest is driven by Balthasar Hauser. He is responsible for the underlying idea and philosophy. With a sharp eye, he recognises at once anything that could bother the guests - and develops innovative solutions which are often unique not only to Tyrol or Austria, but the whole world. His son, Richard, manages the second cog. He is a manager in the best sense - with farsightedness he develops economic strategies, keeps the organisation running smoothly, takes care of the figures and the bottom line. But the visionary developments and economic strategies also require a third piece - a Hotel Manager who can realise every plan and project perfectly. At Stanglwirt this is Trixi Moser.

The skiing talent at Stanglwirt
In 1990 she joined as a receptionist at what was then still a very small hotel - and intended to stay for just six months. After this, in the winter season, her parents’ business in Salzburg was waiting for the qualified ski instructor, whose talent in the snow was even attested to by an invitation to the national team. Despite this, Trixi Moser stayed on at Stanglwirt. She first took a holiday in February in order to help out at home in Wagrain. This was the last time she was able to help at home - the career rise of the appealing bundle of energy was too meteoric. She was quickly promoted to managing the reception and four years after joining Stanglwirt she became a management assistant. Since 2006 she has been at the helm and is ultimately responsible for all main areas from reservations to the leisure side, along with the gastronomy manager Dietmar Zöscher. Nevertheless she still finds time here and there for a friendly chat with guests. “It is crucial that the guests feel at home here”, explains the perfectionist, who sometimes suffers because her demand for perfection is not always taken seriously by every member of staff. But it works out. The manager directs her staff with a firm but friendly hand in the right direction. The fact that so many long-term guests have become friends with whom to share memories is what she likes best about Stanglwirt. And what is her dream? Finally finding time this winter to go on a skiing trip with the Stanglwirt guests.
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