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Two strong Tyrol partners: Stanglwirt and Ökoenergie Tirol GmbH

As of now the Stanglwirt is getting 100 % CO2-free, green energy from small Tyrol hydropower plants provided by Ökoenergie Tirol GmbH, a subsidiary company of TIWAG. 'Organic' is more than just a buzzword to us. We have been pursuing this path consistently for decades. "Which is why it is very important to us that our electricity needs are covered by renewable, local resources. Ökoenergie Tirol GmbH makes this possible', says Maria Hauser of this new partnership.

Sustainability is what counts
Ökoenergie Tirol GmbH was founded in order to supply far-sighted businesses and environmentally-aware private customers with 100% CO2-free, green electricity from small Tyrol hydropower plants. With its green electricity supply TIWAG's aim is to start the ball rolling for Tyrol's energy strategy and to make a contribution to alternative energy sources. 'We are delighted to have gained the Stanglwirt as an Ökoenergie Tirol customer. The Hauser family have proven for decades that sustainable economic management pays off, in every way. In the Stanglwirt every detail is thought-out. Starting with its construction, to serving meals made with regional produce, right the way through to Tyrol hospitality which is alive and well in its own inimitable way. Right now we are also be a part of this consistent overall concept with our electricity provided by small Tyrol hydropower plants. We are very proud of this', explains Johannes Steinlechner, Managing Director of Ökoenergie Tirol GmbH.

Green electricity from the region, for the region
Ökoenergie Tirol purchases 100% of its energy from small Tyrol hydropower plants, for instance Kraftwerk Bruckhäusl near Wörgl and Kraftwerk Zams. This means the energy is analyzed and certified in accordance with the Green Electricity Act. Thanks to this proof of origin and validations from an independent financial auditor, it has been proven that Ökoenergie Tirol electricity is absolutely clean and is CO2-free. 'By acquiring 100 % green electricity, Ökoenergie Tirol is helping customers to make use of small Tyrol hydropower plants in a sustainable and environmentally-sound manner, and to contribute to alternative energy', says Thomas Trattler, Managing Director of the TIWAG subsidiary. With their partnership the Stanglwirt and Ökoenergie Tirol are making a valuable contribution to adding value in Tyrol.
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