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Take a deep breath...

A healthy mind in a healthy body

"take time out - time for you alone"
Focus on yourself for once …with the "Stangl-Med" health concept

Make the most of your stay "at home at the Stanglwirt" to regenerate in an enjoyable and lasting way, as a source of vitality, mental strength and fitness. The aim is maximum relaxation and recovering your sense of well-being.

Our Stangl-Med health experts Björn Schulz and Inge Neuner will help you to achieve this.

The Hauser family have brought these two experts to the Stanglwirt for you, so that they can offer guests a holistic and lasting health concept. Inge Neuner, who is a psychologist with a wide range of additional qualifications and a wealth of experience, has opened a practice in the fitness garden. The office of fitness professional Björn Schulz is right next door. These two make up the Stangl-Med team and work closely together.

Specifically coordinated test methods and the years of experience they both have, form the basis of preventive measures and interventions that are individually prepared for the client. In a case history session, Inge Neuner ascertains the current situation, and then gets together with Björn Schulz to discuss their objectives and
how they are to proceed. Absolute discretion is a given.

Björn Schulz prepares an individual exercise and nutrition programme, while Inge Neuner holds one-on-one interviews with the client.

This unique combination makes it possible to start at an appropriate point, where there is a need for treatment. It is important to both these health experts to provide a lasting incentive that can later be seamlessly integrated into day-to-day life.

The Stangl-Med health concept in combination with the excellent wellness and spa programmes at the Stanglwirt eco-hotel is "the slightly different natural way to recovery" in the dreamlike environment of the "Wilder Kaiser".

Interested? We look forward to welcoming you to our weekly, free information session (the times will be notified in the daily hotel newspaper "Stangl-Moments")


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Mag.a Inge Neuner: +43 664 41 22 989
Björn Schulz: +43 664 85 86 500
Specialist psychological practice

"Let your soul roam" at the Stanglwirt …
an old Tyrolean saying redefined …

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Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt

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