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Earth as a source of energy

The earth where we live is the most valuable thing we possess as humans. The Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt integrates natural resources into the hotel architecture and thereby guarantees sustainability for both nature and people.

From a bio-construction viewpoint, the Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt represents pure nature, both inside and out! The developer and owner Balthasar Hauser has long prioritised bio-construction in its buildings and was one of the pioneers and great visionaries of implementing the bio-construction philosophy in the hotel industry. Organic foods are also produced at the hotel’s own farm, meeting the strictest of quality criteria.

Guests are also provided with organic heating and lighting from our own biomass thermal power generator which is operated using bark from nearby sawmills and with 10% CO2-free green electricity derived from Tyrol’s hydroelectric power and obtained from Ökoenergie Tirol GmbH.

Guests can experience a close proximity with nature at the children’s farm, the Stanglwirt Hüttlingmoos mountain lodge, the Stanglalm mountain hut and the restaurant with its cowshed window. Savour a closeness with the element of earth here with us at the Stanglwirt.

Natural products from the Stanglwirt-alp

Stangwirt without farming would be simply unthinkable. This is why they use so many truly authentic natural products from their own farm at the restaurant and at the biohotel.

1980 - Bio-logical foundation

With consistency and a good amount of Tyrolean steadfastness, Balthasar Hauser and his wife Magdalena demonstrated that “bio” certainly does not have to mean asceticism ...

1980 - Biomass energy plant

An environmentally-friendly heating system that uses the rind waste of the surrounding saw mills has been providing comfort and heat to the entire complex since 1980.

The Bio Children's Farm

Videogames? TV? At Stanglwirt children show us what they are really interested in: an expedition to the specially designed farm for children ...

Cow shed window

The cow shed window has been a trademark of Stanglwirt for many years, even though it was originally born out of necessity.

“Hüttling Moos” Mountain Lodge

You can now hire a remote and recently renovated, luxury mountain lodge (Hüttlingmoos) for your conference!

Holiday for horse and rider

Horses have always played a major role in the history of Stanglwirt. Today, the guests of the biohotel are fascinated by the precious Lipizzaner horses.

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Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt

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