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Stronger together

The new training cheque


The Stanglwirt is committed to working even harder in future to support young talent and encourage a lasting apprenticeship culture. The new training cheque is intended to enable successful apprentices to specialise further.

All apprentices who work for us at the Stanglwirt for a further two years after completing their apprenticeship will be given a training cheque worth about 2,500 euros. This can be used for further training within two years. However, the trainees are by no means tied to particular areas of work – they decide for themselves the areas in which they would like to specialise and undergo further training.

We have always attached great importance to training apprentices: "Every apprentice is part of the big Stanglwirt family. Our apprentices here have always been very highly regarded. That is precisely why we want to enable qualified apprentices to go on to specialise in their favourite area of work," explains Maria Hauser. A detailed training scheme for apprentices and the opportunity to work on their own interesting projects and attend exciting and informative trips make training at the Stanglwirt particularly attractive.

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