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Sport & fitness at the Stanglwirt

Exercise and sport have a lasting effect on well-being and are an essential cornerstone of long-term health and optimal quality of life. The huge range of professional sports and fitness facilities, offering all kinds of opportunities and the ideal environment for sporting activities, attract many guests to the Stanglwirt.

Our extensive Fitness World, including the Fitness Garden, provides the perfect training conditions to meet your needs. From medical fitness to personalised training and nutritional advice to lifestyle analysis, you'll find an expert here with the professional expertise to help you meet your individual fitness goal.

As soon as you enter the Stanglwirt Fitness Garden, you'll feel at home. The welcoming and friendly atmosphere turns even the most strenuous training session into a visit to a feel-good zone...

Fitness world at the

Fitness world at the <br><strong>Stanglwirt</strong>

Whether you would prefer to try a new sport or practise your favourite activity, at the Stanglwirt you can choose from a whole range of sports. Riding, tennis, swimming, golf, hiking, running, mountain biking, hunting, fishing or skiing: at our Green Spa Resort, you can have exactly the kind of sports holiday you want.

Sport at the Stanglwirt
Sport at the Stanglwirt

Sports enthusiasts feel at home at the Stanglwirt. And it's not just champions and elite athletes who appreciate our range of sporting activities, but also the many amateur athletes, sports clubs and active holidaymakers who make use of the enormous range of amenities in and around the Stanglwirt. Discover

All the support you need

What's more, while you are at home at the Stanglwirt, you can take advantage of a huge range of exercise classes, or work with our personal coaches on improving your individual fitness and health. And to make sure you look the part during your sporting stay at the Stanglwirt, you'll find all the equipment you need for your exercise programme in the Sport-Eck.


You'll find all the equipment you need in our Sport-Eck sports shop just next to the Stangl-Shop.

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<strong>Sport-Eck</strong><br><br>You'll find all the equipment you need in our Sport-Eck sports shop just next to the Stangl-Shop. <br>

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