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At the Stanglwirt, it's easy to be tempted into "dolce far' niente". But if you don't want to miss out on your energising fitness training even during downtime from your everyday routine, you can make use of the unbeatable training facilities in the Stanglwirt Fitness World. As soon as you enter the Stanglwirt Fitness Garden, you'll feel at home. The welcoming and friendly atmosphere turns even the most strenuous training session into a visit to a feel-good zone. Whether you want to build up your stamina, fitness level or strength, there's a huge number of top-class fitness machines from the premium brand "Technogym" at your disposal. That's certainly one of the reasons why our Fitness Garden is also popular with many professional athletes and famous sporting names.

Fitness Garden

If you don't just want to unwind on your holiday, but also want to work on your fitness, you'll find plenty of ways of doing so in our outstandingly well-equipped Fitness Garden...

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For ten years now, Vladimir Klitschko has been preparing for his fights at the Stanglwirt, and very successfully. You can follow in the champion's footsteps by having a personal training session in the weights room or the kinetic therapy room. Our fitness coaches will be happy to show you how you can successfully achieve your individual goals.

You'll also find lots more ways to reinvigorate and energise yourself in the Stanglwirt Fitness World. Our team of personal trainers looks forward to receiving your enquiry at

Sport & fitness at the Stanglwirt

Sport & fitness at the Stanglwirt
Sport & fitness at the Stanglwirt

Exercise and sport have a lasting effect on well-being and are an essential cornerstone of long-term health and optimal quality of life. Discover

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