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Medical fitness

Your health is your best asset and is something that we actively encourage in the Stanglwirt. Thanks to the perfected medical fitness training that is available to all our guests in collaboration with the renowned "Traunmed" fitness centre, people afflicted with pain will once again be able to enjoy a fit and healthy life.

When you need to take that next step

In more than 80% of all cases, it is walking incorrectly that causes chronic back complaints. With assisted medical fitness training in the Stanglwirt, you are taking a step in the right direction and putting your trust in a holistic health concept that effectively reduces joint and back pain. Walking is the most natural form of movement. So we focus specifically on walking in the correct way and our innovatively designed "Walk with brain" programme helps to relieve or completely avoid inter-vertebral disc problems. The effective "Traunmed" method has already helped countless people to enjoy a new quality of life. Which makes us even happier to offer you this sustainable health concept in the Stanglwirt.

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The analysis

It all starts with our medical fitness trainer Björn Schulz. And he takes your health very seriously. First your particular gait pattern is analysed in detail and you are given a comprehensive medical check to determine the cause of your pain.

The way to becoming free of pain

Once your needs have been assessed, your personal trainer will put together an individual sport, wellness and lifestyle package that takes your particular circumstances into account and helps you to tackle the cause of your pain and control it over the long term.

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Medical fitness trainer Björn

Personal coach Björn Schulz at the Stanglwirt

Björn Schulz, who represents Traunmed in the Stanglwirt, first creates a needs analysis for each guest by means of their medical history, then calculates their actual condition and uses a special body age device to determine their true physical age. This acts as the basis for compiling a wellness and lifestyle package that takes into account special circumstances such as diabetes, high blood pressure, existing back problems and joint replacements (e.g. hip, knee).

A heart rate monitor that is as accurate as an ECG is used to determine heart rate variability (the time gap between two heart beats) and thus the personal "zone". The simply fact is, every heart beat less equates to a longer life; the easier it is for your heart to work and the greater the variance (the heart rate frequency). With this intelligent training from Traunmed, which also takes up physical as well as mental components (such as stress and harassment) and therefore treats the mental links to back problems, a remarkable exercise concept has emerged at the Stanglwirt.

Traunmed health centre

Founded by family father Josef Schadhauser as a physiotherapy practice in 1977, the company became established as one of the first certified rehab centres in Bavaria. Schadhauser is a pioneer in the field of medical workouts and when Traunmed was built, it became one of the first networked medical and health centres in all of Germany. It is noticeably different to other therapy institutions, in that the aim of freedom from pain is only the start of the treatment. Schadhauser is much more interested in where the pain comes from. The list of those who put their trust in the expertise of the pros is long - and star-studded. While his father and sister both work as physiotherapists at Traunmed, business administration graduate Martin Schadhauser is responsible for management and marketing.

A foretaste of training

A short excerpt from the programme

Let boxing set you free - medical fitness

Klitschko-fever recently struck our guests in matters of physical and mental fitness, with boxing becoming an alternative stress therapy.
The demand for personal training by and with Björn Schulz, the point of contact for therapeutic matters for guests in acute discomfort and for active guests wanting to improve their fitness with a personally created training plan, has risen enormously in recent months.

It has emerged that boxing for fitness, guided by heart-rate levels, is equally attractive to men and women, young and old. Warning! It can quickly become addictive.

This focused combination of therapy and regeneration or (all) action, as offered by Traunmed employee Björn to any individual, be they a beginner enjoying a taster session or a performance-oriented professional athlete, is only possible at the Stanglwirt.
Guests can and should let boxing set them free - whether in the figurative sense or whether following in the omnipresent footsteps of the Klitschko brothers.

Run with Brain & Walk with Brain

All age groups can meet up for a cardiovascular-driven walk or run in a breathtaking natural setting at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser. Training with ECG accuracy, thanks to the latest models of the Polar training computer (which we provide free of charge during your training).

Back fit

Medical fitness for your back - whether existing problems or simply training to prevent them happening. Here you are shown the best tips and exercises for everyday training, to relieve long-standing back problems.

Fitness Garden
Fitness Garden

If you don't just want to unwind on your holiday, but also want to work on your fitness, in our 500 m2, outstandingly well-equipped Fitness Garden you'll find plenty of way to work up a sweat. Discover

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