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7 exercises to do at home for greater fitness

Keep fit – fitness videos

Actress, model, chat show host, author and mother. Even celebrity Monica Meier-Ivancan is not immune to stress. How this woman from Munich effectively protects herself from stress in her everyday life and maintains her amazing body through regular exercise is revealed in her book "What a Mommy" and in the Stanglwirt fitness videos.

Together with personal coach Björn Schulz, the German "Powerfrau" shows us seven health-boosting exercises that are easy to incorporate into everybody's daily routine. But first a tip from fitness pro Björn Schulz: always warm up well before exercising and do plenty of stretches afterwards. Otherwise you can easily suffer from muscle tension. Have fun!

  • Stangl training

    Stangl training

    Björn Schulz

  • Breathing exercises

    Breathing exercises

    at the Stanglwirt

  • Abdominal muscle training

    Abdominal muscle training

    Fitness exercise

  • Hand walkout

    Hand walkout


  • All-fours position

    All-fours position

    Training at the Stanglwirt

Warming up:

  • Starting position – stand with feet slightly apart for stability
  • Gentle warm-up boxing relaxes your muscles and gets your circulation going

1. Hand walkout

2. Squats

3. Lunges

4. Sidewise lunges

5. Quadripedal posture

6. Pelvis ceiling lift

7. Tighten the legs

8. Stretching & bending your upper arm

9. Shoulder workout

10. Stretching

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