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Inspiring fire

Here at the Stanglwirt, we attach great importance to the element of fire. Everywhere you go at the Green Spa Resort, you'll find cosy corners where you can luxuriate in the warming heat of an open fire or wood-burning stove. In our wellness worlds, you can fire up your well-being in an eco-friendly way in the many different saunas and steam baths. You can also enjoy the warming effect of fire at close hand in most of our suites – in the form of a homely real fireplace.

In addition to all these beneficial heat sources at the Stanglwirt, you can also take advantage of the very special Lebensfeuer therapy. Translated as the "fire of life", this will rekindle your personal joie de vivre. The Lebensfeuer® heart rate variability measurement (HRV measurement) tells you instantly about your current level of vitality and helps you to stimulate your own individual fire of life. Under the guidance of our health psychologist and HRV expert, Inge Neuner, you will discover your level of physical and mental resilience, find out about your susceptibility to stress and ability to recover, and even calculate your current biological age. This will help you to improve the quality of your sleep over the long term, thus minimising the risk of burnout.

HRV-Med/Lebensfeuer® measurement

HRV-Med/Lebensfeuer® measurement

When your heart rate variability is measured, all your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social sensibilities are meaningfully reflected in the representation of your "life fire" or vitality... Discover

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