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Hoizzwecki charity event

Together with Tyrol's "Hoizzwecki" association, we have been supporting little Ralf, a "butterfly child".

Recently the Stanglwirt and the Tyrolean "Hoizzwecki" charity invited people to attend a charity event. The funds will be used to support little Ralf, a "butterfly child". Best-selling author Dr Georg Fraberger (Ohne Leib mit Seele - With Soul, Without Body) led the event. Margret and Melanie Schiestl presented the "Tiroler Adlerin" fashion collection. Opera singer Margit Hackspiel and songwriter Johannes Scheicher delighted the guests with their music.

It was a lovely, happy event, and the Hauser family hopes that it will help the Hoizzwecki association and little Ralf significantly.

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    "Tiroler Adlerin" collection

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    Johannes Scheicher

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  • Best-selling author

    Best-selling author

    Dr. Georg Fraberger

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    for Ralf

The Franz Posch studio provided a very special picture for auction in aid of little Ralf. More information can be found at the following link:

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