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Social responsibility

RollOn Austria


Once again in 2017, the Hauser family has shown its commitment to RollOn Austria. Working with chairperson Marianne Hengl, a long-standing close friend of the Hauser family, they have helped to fund the activities of RollOn Austria again this year.

RollOn Austria is an interest group representing people with physical and multiple disabilities. The committed members of the association have been working all over Austria for 25 years in the interests of people with disabilities. In chairperson Marianne Hengl, the organisation has found an ambassador for people who have to deal with disability in their everyday lives and in society. Its aim is to do away with the prejudice, misunderstanding and fear that surround disability.

The organisation focuses its attention on supporting and maintaining contact with people affected by disability. The interaction between helpers and disabled people brings hope and the foundations to develop new goals in life. It is largely about respecting the dignity and value of disabled people.

"Increasing awareness and making the general public more sensitive towards people with disabilities is becoming more and more important in today's society," says Maria Hauser, junior director at the Stanglwirt.

Through its partnership, the Stanglwirt is publicly stating its desire to increase society's understanding and acceptance of people with disabilities.
The Hauser family also supports various charitable institutions. One of the most important of these is the "Wilder Kaiser School" project in association with Karlheinz Böhm's Ethiopian aid initiative. The Hauser family recently travelled to Ethiopia to see the work of "People for People" for themselves. The occasion was the official opening of the Gille Wedessa Lower Primary School, which has been financed by the Hauser family.

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