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Stanglwirt supports the Kitzbühel Ski Club

About 50 children and instructors from the Kitzbühel Ski Club (K.S.C.) visited us at the Stanglwirt to thank us for our support for young skiers.

Maria and Elisabeth Hauser were delighted to see such a big group of athletes, and they quickly organised a hotel tour and patiently answered lots of questions. The young K.S.C. members were impressed. "I'll come here with my parents one day," said Valentin from the cross-country skiing team: "I'll save up for it!" Balthasar Hauser's heart was full of pride and everyone could see how happy he was about the visit. "It's just a pleasure to meet so many young people. We are very keen to support the young K.S.C. members."

Maria Hauser-Lederer told the children about the famous "White Sausage Party", which is held every year during the Hahnenkamm week and is attended by many sporting greats. She finished by telling the young skiers: "Without skiing and our local skiing heroes, there would be no White Sausage Party. To show our tremendous gratitude, we like to use part of the income from the White Sausage Party to support the next generation of skiers. And who knows, perhaps one of the ski stars of tomorrow is here among you now and one day will join us in opening our big White Sausage Party. We're looking forward to it already!"

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    Supporting young people

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K.S.C. President Michael Huber thanked the Hauser family and then everyone was invited for a nice skiers' drink here at the Stanglwirt. We are really pleased to have the honour of supporting the Kitzbühel Ski Club and we wish the young skiers all the best and every success in the coming winter season.

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