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Singers' gathering at the Stanglwirt

Explosive increase

"Andal" had a tough and unenviable job during these years. His two beautiful nieces helped him to organise the event, but despite all his efforts, the situation in the rooms and on the first floor got completely out of control, as more and more musicians came to the house – in the end there were as many as 80 groups waiting to perform.

  • Singers' gatherings

    Singers' gatherings

    at the Stanglwirt

  • Compere


    Philipp Meikl

  • Various


    groups of singers

It all happened like this... The first big boom came at the start of the 1970s, after the "Stanglalm" was opened on the first floor. The lack of space had previously been a problem, but now there was suddenly room for all. Everybody was sitting around the table and the instruments were no longer in the way. Then something happened that no-one could have anticipated. There was an explosive increase in the number of musicians, with proceedings in the Stanglalm in particular being dominated by the unbelievable enthusiasm and very loud music of the "diatonic accordion players".

As a result, the singers and the "masters of fine tones" retreated to the other "rooms", so that they could steer clear of each other. Kind-natured Andrä was the calming influence, even if he had been on his feet from 1 p.m. to way past midnight, with not even enough time to enjoy his beloved pipe. Something had to be done. With a heavy heart, it was decided that in future, only groups that were invited could perform at the singers' gathering. Otherwise, there was the risk that the gathering would become unmanageable and get out of hand.

Just imagine: hundreds of singers and musicians requiring food and accommodation. In terms of organisation this was simply not feasible, and it was also too much for the audience, because however interested they were, it was more than they could endure to sit in complete silence for four hours or more. Being a real musician, it was hard on Andrä Feller that the only place he could still perform with his "Mitterhöglern" was in the grand hall, because he was too busy otherwise.

After presiding over 13 singers' gatherings, he asked Hauser to look for a new presenter, promising in future to help with the organisation and take over the musical direction, meaning that he could make sure that only traditional folk songs were performed. It was not easy to find a new and suitable compere for the singers' gathering, but the host of the Stanglwirt finally found him in Salzburg. It was none other than Philipp Meikl, a singer and musician just like Feller, who was well-known as an expert presenter through his many radio and TV shows. He took over this tricky but honourable position as the self-proclaimed "man of connecting words" at the 90th singers' gathering, and has been presenting the event ever since, to the great delight of his audience.

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