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Anna's son Hausal was only seventeen years of age at the time, and he got together with Lanzen Moidi and Lisi (Hofer) to form a new Stanglwirt trio. Hausal, with his friends Georg Anker from Ebbs and Pirchl Toni from Going, later established a new trio, which is famous today as the Stanglwirt Buam.

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    Stanglwirt Buam

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    The Fischbachauer


The fact that the Stanglwirt hosts also sing has always been one of the reasons why singers feel so at home here. When you see how the circle has kept expanding over the years and that now singers come from the entire Alpine region, it is no exaggeration to say that things are picking up again, that folk song lives on! As soon as the first tunes are heard, the custom is for the hall to fall so silent, you could hear a pin drop. For several years, of course, the silence that reigned in the hall was interrupted by mooing from the cowshed next door. For four years, the cow "Taubei" gave birth to a calf precisely when the autumn singers' gathering was being held, so that Sepp Landmann had to explain to the audience that the cow was not taking an interest in the singers' gathering, but was "calf-witted" – as they describe the condition in these parts.

The wish was then expressed for the next 100 singers' gatherings to be held in the same atmosphere, so that the new friends for folk song and folk music gained by the singers' gathering could carry on this cultural asset in future.

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