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The Bavarian folk music protector Wastl Fanderl once wrote the following about Sepp Landmann and the singers' gathering: "Sepp is the heart and soul of this event and he is totally devoted to those who sing and play here. He is a friend and helper, a humorous conductor and – if necessary – a strict guardian of real folk music. This is how it has to be!" When Anna Hauser, the legendary hostess of the Stanglwirt died suddenly in 1964 – taken in the prime of her life – many folk music fans thought that it signalled the end for the singers' gathering that she and Lois had started. She left behind a difficult legacy for her two children, who had not even reached adulthood yet.

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How could they go on with the most important person missing? Her daughter Maria insisted on continuing the singers' gathering in the year of Anna Hauser's death, because she was sure that this would have been her mother's wish. "Hauser", the new, young host of the Stanglwirt, also turned out to be as industrious as his mother. Not only did he introduce some new and successful ideas in relation to the gastronomic experience, he also managed to keep up the musical tradition. Everybody who knew what a challenging task he was facing was deeply impressed that, with the able assistance of Sepp Landmann, he not only continued the singers' gatherings, but he was even able to improve and develop them. His folk music "expeditions" led Hauser, himself a singer and musician, all across Austria, always searching for original singing groups who had never performed at the Stanglwirt. In the beginning, most of the groups came from Tyrol, Salzburg, Bavaria and South Tyrol, but now they came from the entire Alpine region.

Word had got round about the folk music events happening in Going. It is not an exaggeration to say that there is no folk music event anywhere else in the Alpine region that even comes close to the one taking place at Stanglwirt. Even the arrival of the singers and musicians in the early afternoon is an unforgettable experience. There are singers and musicians of all ages, children, teenagers and adults, including many well-known faces made popular by
radio and TV shows! They all arrive in their traditional costumes, which show the trained observer where they come from. Beautiful dirndl dresses, traditional stockings, lederhosen, embroidered belts, flower-decorated hats, ornamental hat feathers and pins, a truly picturesque sight. Instruments are unloaded and carried across the car park to the entrance. "Where are they going to put it all?", is the question that immediately springs to mind when you see the gigantic alpenhorns and the plethora of harps.

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