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Stanglwirt Familien Sport-Pool auf der Kaiserwiese
A wonder to behold

Landscaped tennis centre

Stanglwirt sports pool

The most impressive example of why environmental activist Arnold Schwarzenegger described Balthasar Hauser as a "green visionary" are the Stanglwirt's tennis courts. That's because, beautiful as the facilities may be, at first sight you don't even notice them. At least, not from outside. Because of the living green roof, the tennis centre blends so harmoniously into the landscape that you might think you are on an alpine pasture. Something that is further underlined by the sheep grazing and bleating happily on the roof.

The concept of a green roof, which used to be laughed at and is now celebrated as a pioneering idea, serves another important purpose, in addition to creating the impression of an idyllic meadow:

the managed pasture generates a considerable amount of hay, which is used directly by the many animals on the Stanglwirt farm. The natural cycle is thus closed in an innovative manner that the guests find very entertaining.

PBI group courses, individual lessons or children's classes

First-class tennis

The renowned Peter Burwash International (PBI) Tennis School, a high-profile and hugely respected feature of the Stanglwirt, means we are regarded as the best tennis resort in Europe. If offers absolute premium-quality training for the many tennis fans among our guests, who can play and practise here in perfect conditions.

PBI Tennis School
PBI Tennis School

Experience the world-famous "Peter Burwash International" tennis school which has been exclusive in Austria to us at the Stanglwirt for more than 40 years! Discover

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