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Rugged beauty

The rock sauna

One of the most remarkable milestones of the hotel is the sum total of 750 tons of rock: the rock sauna. Since it was opened in the year 2000, the friendly splashing of the relaxation zone has enjoyed great popularity among our guests, inviting them to enjoy spending time in a unique atmosphere.

  • Rock pool

    Rock pool

    The sensation of relaxing

  • Rock spa whirlpool

    Rock spa whirlpool

    Simply relax

  • Natural charm

    Natural charm

    Complete relaxation

  • Fantastic ambience

    Fantastic ambience

    Wellness experience

  • An oasis of well-being in the Stanglwirt

    An oasis of well-being in the Stanglwirt

    A special experience

Red variegated sandstone from the Wilder Kaiser, white limestone rock and silver quartzite from the Dolomites, interspersed with solid, 200-million-year-old rock slabs. The natural, raw charm of the rock sauna immediately casts its spell over every guest, creating as it does so a soothing climate that is totally relaxing. Take an effervescent voyage of discovery through 1,200 m² of grottos, caves, waterfalls and streams, with countless spots to pause for a while.

The rock sauna that Balthasar Hauser designed was a truly mammoth undertaking which was three years in the building and required a lot of love and patience. The result is clear to see, hear and feel, and is a wonderful wellness experience for all the senses.

Ultra-modern marine aquarium

Swimming with a sea view

It is not just our guests who feel completely at home in the rock sauna. It is a rather special place for the fish as well. Our ultra-modern marine aquarium containing 28,000 litres of salt water gives you a wonderful opportunity to admire the many gloriously colourful sea-dwellers in our latitude. Discover soft, horn, leather and stony corals, surgeon fish, wrasse, clown fish and butterfly fish, damsels, anthias and groupers, and more besides.

Our water worlds
Our water worlds

In addition to sheer comfort, there's one thing you will find everywhere at the Green Spa Resort Stanglwirt: water. The water worlds excite... Discover

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