Bio- und Wellnesshotel Stanglwirt Gold
Quellwasser für die Wellnessanlage beim Stanglwirt
Using resources carefully

Spring water for the wellness facilities

It's not just our restaurant guests who appreciate the water from the hotel's own Kaiser spring. Countless litres of water go rushing through the water worlds and sauna complex from this very special source, which supplies the whole Green Spa Resort with environmentally-friendly water.

In the swimming pool and the rock pool, the children's water world and the natural swimming lake: at the Stanglwirt, we only use water from our vast reservoir of groundwater. This not only dramatically cuts the hotel's running costs, but also fits in with the fundamental green ethos of the Stanglwirt.

  • Rock pool at the Stanglwirt

    Rock pool at the Stanglwirt

  • Stanglwirt Rock pool Whirlpool

    Stanglwirt Rock pool Whirlpool

  • Stanglwirt Natural swimming lake

    Stanglwirt Natural swimming lake

  • Panorama Event Sauna Stanglwirt

    Panorama Event Sauna Stanglwirt

Heat pump technology enables ground water to be used

Efficient tourism in Tyrol

Thanks to heat pump technology enabling us to use ground water for heating, we save about 1000 litres of heating oil every day at our Green Spa Resort, not to mention all the associated transport costs. Furthermore, because this highly effective system is so sophisticated, the cooled water can also be used to provide the ideal temperature in the conference rooms, food stores and offices. In other words, at the Stanglwirt you can charge up your devices sustainably using renewable energy and have a clear conscience during your eco-friendly stay.

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