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Stanglwirt Hüttling Moos
Extravagant and rather charming

Stanglwirt's Hüttlingmoos

A chalet ambience of a rather special kind awaits all our guests in the delightful Stanglwirt mountain chalet Hüttlingmoos. The quaint, five-star gem is an ideal spot for a romantic getaway for many loving couples and is also an extremely popular location for seminars and functions. And that is despite the fact that the exclusive hideaway had been slumbering away unused for decades before the Stanglwirt took it over and extended it. Just before the climb up to the Wilder Kaiser gets too steep is one of the oldest settled areas in Going: Hüttlingmoos. The first houses here were built in the 16th century. Now the area is almost deserted and is a little bit of paradise surrounded by nature.

  • A romantic hideaway

    A romantic hideaway

    with an open fire

  • Warmth & geniality

    Warmth & geniality

    Simply feel at home

  • Hüttlingmoos


    An idyll

  • Attention to detail

    Attention to detail

    Tyrolean architecture

  • A five-star gem

    A five-star gem

    Tranquillity & romance

Stanglwirt's Hüttlingmoos mountain chalet has been standing in this picturesque, idyllic location for many years and, after decades of slumber, this sleeping beauty was awoken in 2005 by a kiss from Balthasar Hauser. It was possible to retain all the historic substance of the building, thank goodness, which gives this gem of a place the wonderful ambience it enjoys today.

And suddenly there emerged

A majestic swan

It took over one million euros to rescue the Hüttlingmoos from certain decay and, after its general overhaul, it emerged with many technical details as the perfect place for discerning guests and special parties. A separate conference room with a wireless link, fibre-optic cabling and projector, as well as many modern comforts, coupled with the obvious love of traditional Tyrolean architecture, make Hüttlingmoos the first choice for remarkable events.

  • A special atmosphere

    A special atmosphere

    for functions

  • Surrounded by nature

    Surrounded by nature

    Simply lovely

  • Modern comforts

    Modern comforts

    Fantastic location

If you want to add a certain something to your private party, the Hüttlingmoos is the ideal place for functions of a cult-like character. The idyllic mountain chalet is perfect for events with up to 25 guests and makes every celebration an outright gala performance. Lovers are attracted to the marvellous tranquillity and the romantic atmosphere of the original cabin. A five-star service is also available in the Hüttlingmoos – complete with chef and butler. Please feel free to make your request for the luxury residence at or +43 (0) 5358 2000 979.

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