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To experience the paradise on earth

It is partly thanks to the centuries-old history and tradition of the Stanglwirt that every stay at our Green Spa Resort becomes such a memorable experience. There are so many special features to discover here: such as the rock sauna, the private hunting and fishing grounds and the first children's farm in the world.

Feel at home

Rooms & suites

The Arolla pine has attracted us for decades. And it rewards us for the high esteem in which we hold it in the most pleasant way.

You'll enjoy the health benefits of our local Arolla pine wood in every corner of your hotel room and appreciate them even as you sleep. That's because the comfortable atmosphere created by the Arolla pine is just perfect for a thoroughly relaxing night's sleep.

  • Feel-good



  • Eco-



  • Bio Suite above the

    Bio Suite above the


  • Kaiserbogen


    Sports Studio

  • Room breakfast

    Room breakfast

    with a view

  • Bathroom with

    Bathroom with

    own sauna

  • Luxury Suite by the

    Luxury Suite by the

    Sheap Meadow

  • Panoramic



  • Sonneck



A holiday to suit your tastes

Restaurant Stangl

Your holiday at the Stanglwirt will be a real feast for your senses when it comes to food. In our 400-year-old Gasthof Stanglwirt, you can experience some authentic Tyrolean traditions in a historic ambience, along with tasty regional delicacies and specialities.

  • Traditional


    Gasthof Stangl

  • Stangl



  • historical



  • homely



  • Our guest's

    Our guest's


  • Famous


    cowshed room

Snacks available from early till late

Stanglwirt restaurants

In the Stanglwirt hotel restaurant, we show you that the way to a person's heart really is through the stomach. The beautifully presented and deliciously prepared creations on the daily changing multi-course menus or at the themed buffet evenings will make any gourmet's heart beat faster and ensure that rapturous hymns of praise wing their way to the kitchen.

  • Festive



  • Marvellous



  • Cosy



  • Culinary delights

    Culinary delights

    on the 'Kaiserwiese'

  • Local


    breakfast buffet

  • Show Cooking

    Show Cooking

    in our Kamin-Bistro

We must drink to that

Hotelbar "auf der Tenne"

You will find that our "Auf der Tenne" hotel bar offers the perfect combination in every way. Exactly where, over 40 years ago, the farm's hay and grain store once stood, the beautiful antique pine building welcomes visitors and guests with open arms. It is here that you will find the beating heart of the Stanglwirt. This is where hotel guests, night owls, locals and international travellers come together to form the one and only Stanglwirt community.

  • Cosy living room

    Cosy living room


  • Impressive


    waste wood architecture

  • International



  • Feel-good



  • rustic



  • Well-sorted



Your elementary experience

Our garden

Energy centres are places where nature's creative force can still be felt. As you enter these centres of natural power, you sense an unusual vibrancy, which brings about lasting change in your vital energy. The purpose of these power centres is to reconnect you with the primal energy of nature. The numerous oases of energy in and around the Stanglwirt offer multiple ways in which you can recharge your own personal batteries.

  • Powerful


    Energy centres

  • Stanglwirt


    Kaiserwieser Wilder Kaiser

  • Vibrant



  • Impressive



  • Sun terrace on the

    Sun terrace on the


  • Cosy



  • dreamlike


    spectacle of nature

  • natural



  • extensive


    natural like

Our noble Lipizzaner stud

Austria's first private Lipizzaner stud

Horse-lovers can enjoy a very special experience at the Stanglwirt riding school. At Austria's first private Lipizzaner stud, there are 24 wonderful Lipizzaner horses, which you are welcome to take out on a ride. The Lipizzaner stud that has been based at the Stanglwirt since 1985 is well-known far beyond Austria and offers you a unique way of advancing your equestrian trainingon a pure-bred "horse of royalty".

  • Austria's first private

    Austria's first private

    Lipizzaner stud

  • Luscious meadows &

    Luscious meadows &

    impressive scenery

  • Dreamlike


    ride out

  • Spacious



  • Professional


    Riding school

  • Lipizzaner pasture right

    Lipizzaner pasture right

    outside your room

For a perfect game

Tennis at the Stanglwirt

Fans of the yellow felt ball can expect tennis in a big way in the Stanglwirt. With six indoor courts (Bross Line granules) and eight outdoor courts (sand), you have a great deal of space available to rally and exchange shots. Not only that, but the facilities at the prestigious and world famous "Peter Burwash International Tennis School" (PBI) are ideal for improving your individual technical, tactical and mental skills.

  • Plenty of space

    Plenty of space

    To rally

  • Tennis units

    Tennis units

    At the Stanglwirt

  • International


    Tennis school

The Stanglwirt Golf Sport Academy

Golf at the Stanglwirt

Whoever wants to practise the noble art of long drives against the imposing natural backdrop of the Wilder Kaiser, will find the ideal way to play on the immaculate green of our own diving range.

  • Our golf training centre

    Our golf training centre

    Perfect playing conditions

  • Enjoy the

    Enjoy the

    Magnificent Backdrop

  • Professional



Love at first sight

Mountain biking around the Stanglwirt

It's not only from a horse's saddle that you can best enjoy the stunning scenery around the Stanglwirt. It's also worth exploring from the saddle of a trusty bike. And how! That's because, in the immediate vicinity of our Green Spa Resort, mountain bikers and cyclists can choose from a vast and varied network of routes of all levels of difficulty.

  • Explore the region

    Explore the region

    On 2 wheels

  • Mountain biking

    Mountain biking

    Around the Wilder Kaiser

  • Action


    on 2 wheels

Mountains full of opportunities

Hiking & climbing

What it even be a Tyrolean holiday if you didn't go up into the mountains? Whether you want a leisurely walk or are determined to conquer the summits, in the magnificent mountain world just outside the Stanglwirt's front door you'll find countless opportunities for hikes and alpine tours all year round.

  • Beautiful


    Hiking destinations

  • Weekly hike to

    Weekly hike to

    our "Stangl-Alm"

  • A convivial snack at

    A convivial snack at

    the "Stangl-Alm"

  • Climbing paradise

    Climbing paradise

    "Schleier" waterfall

  • Fascinating


    Appeal for mountaineers

  • Organic cheese

    Organic cheese


Cast your bait

Stanglwirt fishing grounds

The extensive Stanglwirt fishing grounds seem to be made for spending relaxed downtime in absolute wilderness. The vast area is reserved exclusively for Stanglwirt anglers and is crossed by a lovely mountain stream about 14 km long, where the fish find numerous flat or shallow places to hide. For angling fans, that means lots of opportunities to make a big catch and, in any case, enjoy a wonderful outdoor experience. Happy fishing!

  • Fishing in the stanglwirt fishing territory

    Fishing in the stanglwirt fishing territory

    An affair of the heart

  • St. Angelwirt

    St. Angelwirt

    Private Fishing grounds

  • Fishing


    in a mountain stream

Why we keep our feet on the ground


The passion for farming at the Stanglwirt goes back just as far as the love of folk music and fabled hospitality. Using natural resources sensibly has always been a high priority and farming traditions have been maintained. That's why the Stanglwirt is the only organic farm to have its own luxury hotel. Guests are treated to all kinds of delicacies from the farm.

  • Graspoint Hochalm

    Graspoint Hochalm

    Our cows

  • Unspoilt


    mountain huts

  • Hay milk from

    Hay milk from

    our own farming

  • Stangl Alm

    Stangl Alm

    Full of alpine herbs

  • Love for

    Love for

    animals & nature

  • Own organic

    Own organic

    cheese production

Where everyone wants to be a child again

The children's farm

Paradise is waiting for all children above the water worlds on the scenic slopes of the Kaiser mountain range. A delightful farm that is 200 years old is exclusively devoted to the hotel's young guests, who are invited to enjoy an adventurous and diverse voyage of discovery in rural nature.

  • Exclusively devoted to

    Exclusively devoted to

    the hotel's young guests

  • The old farm

    The old farm

    For our young guests

  • Pet


    the Animals

  • In our joiner's

    In our joiner's


  • Happy



  • Tinker


    in nature

  • Fun with

    Fun with


  • Just be

    Just be

    a kid

  • Meet our

    Meet our

    lovely animals

My little Stanglwirt

A little house for your home

If you want your personal Stanglwirt dream to be more than just a memory, and instead want to take it home with you, the "My little Stanglwirt" play house is a unique way to playfully shorten the waiting time until your next holiday.

  • Our play house

    Our play house

    for the childrens

  • A homely

    A homely


  • Our little

    Our little


Choose language

Choose language

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