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Wellness at its finest

At the Green Spa Resort Stanglwirt – possibly the best wellness hotel in Austria – we make it easy for you to feel good. When you swap your clothes for the Stanglwirt "Comfort Robe" – a fleecy spa bathrobe which immediately wraps you in its warm embrace – you switch instantly into unwind mode. Now you're ready to explore the countless ways of relaxing, resting your body and letting your spirit roam free, in the Stanglwirt wellness worlds.

  • Oasis of Stillness

    Oasis of Stillness

    Relaxation area

  • Wonderfully


    relaxing moments

  • Your lasting relaxation

    Your lasting relaxation

    our top priority

The unique sauna experience

The Kaiser sauna

The spacious Kaiser sauna (90°C) truly lives up to its name, rewarding visitors with breathtaking view of the natural bathing lake and the Wilder Kaiser. Nowhere else celebrates the pouring of infusions better than the spacious event sauna – which can accommodate as many as 40 sauna enthusiasts.

  • Panoramic sauna

    Panoramic sauna

    Our Highlight

  • Unique


    infusion rituals

  • Refreshing


    natural swimming lake

Good for backs and joints

The stone sauna

A visit to the stone sauna (50°C) is really beneficial for joint and back pain. The warm, variegated sandstone boulders don't just create a sheltered environment, they store heat, which is then gently released. This means that you reap the benefit of their healing effect on your limbs and joints, every time you visit the stone sauna.

  • Panoramic relaxation area

    Panoramic relaxation area

    Walking up the stone

  • Beneficial for

    Beneficial for

    Joint and back pain

  • Healing effect on your

    Healing effect on your

    Limbs and joints

  • Immerse yourself and

    Immerse yourself and


  • Extensive


    Rock sauna facilities

  • Rock Pool

    Rock Pool


Highlight in our water worlds

Natural swimming lake & pport pool

Whether to add the finishing touch to a sauna session or as the ultimate way to freshen up on a hot summer's day, leaping into our beautifully landscaped natural swimming lake is always a great reward.

  • Bathing


    in happiness

  • Your natural

    Your natural

    Swimming experience

  • 25-metre competition-standard

    25-metre competition-standard

    swimming pool

The place for well-being

Our sauna complex

Even experienced sauna frequenters are impressed by the sauna complex in the Stanglwirt wellness worlds every time they come. As soon as you take off your bathrobe, your everyday life falls away too, as you choose between 5 different saunas and 3 steam baths. Naturally, we would warmly recommend that you visit all our health-promoting saunas and steam baths.

  • First-class


    Sauna experience

  • The salt

    The salt

    steam grotto

  • A sauna

    A sauna

    For all ages

  • The marble

    The marble

    Steam bath

  • Healthy


    Swiss stone pine sauna

We don't just put salt in the soup

The saltwater pool

Our saltwater pool – at about 210 m² the largest hotel saltwater pool in Europe (38°C) - is a pool for pleasure-lovers. Here you can indulge in a snooze on hydromassage benches – either indoors or outdoors – or in an alcove with massage jets and treat your body to something special.

  • Breath-taking



  • Magnificent views of the

    Magnificent views of the

    Wilder Kaiser

  • relaxing


    haki-flow treatment

A wider field of view

The panoramic relaxation area

Even on your way to the panoramic relaxation area, walking up the stone steps from the rock sauna, you discover just how pleasingly soothing the gentle murmuring of a mountain stream can be. When you arrive, you are greeted by a stunning view of the majestic crags of the Wilder Kaiser.

  • Comfortable


    Water beds

  • Only the "Wilder Kaiser"

    Only the "Wilder Kaiser"

    mountain is watching

  • Pure relaxation

    Pure relaxation

    Rock sauna

A big adventure for the little ones

Children's water world

Obviously, there's a lot of splashing around in the children's water world. But round lines also play a big part in the design of the space, giving this children's swimming paradise – created using all-natural materials – a really harmonious feel.

  • Shallow children's pool

    Shallow children's pool

    with film screen

  • Action


    for the children

  • Ideal for

    Ideal for

    children off all ages

  • Really harmonious

    Really harmonious


  • Safe and fun

    Safe and fun

    swimming experience

  • Spacious lounges

    Spacious lounges

    and a lot of toys

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