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In addition to finding sheer well-being, every luxury and a homely atmosphere here, as a guest at the Green Spa Resort Stanglwirt, you can be sure of one more thing: excellent service. Altogether at the Stanglwirt there are nearly 300 hard-working and enthusiastic staff on hand to help ensure that your stay is a time of unlimited well-being. See below for details of all our extensive services.

Day trips & tourist attractions

There are numerous lovely places that are worth a visit all around the Stanglwirt. Guests use the Stanglwirt as the ideal base for outings and excursions in the immediate vicinity, and can choose from all kinds of tourist attractions within about an hour's drive.

Explore our region

The region around Going boasts a huge range of options for families who want to go on adventures together, big or small!

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The Stanglwirt from A-Z

Ensuring your personal well-being is the ABC of hotel management. That's why we always mind our Ps and Qs... And below – listed from A to Z – you'll find everything you need to know about your stay here.

Information from A - Z

Information from A - Z
Information from A - Z

Our guests are always well connected. Everything you need to know about the Stanglwirt from A to Z, including useful telephone numbers and direct dial extensions... Discover

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